Sew Blythe!

My daughter and I have a goal for this new year, we are going to learn to sew. I purchased the Janome Hello Kitty Sewing machine. I did some research and found this to be a cost effective and good entry level machine for both my 10 year old daughter and I to learn on. It is a daunting task and felt if the machine is super cute and matches our studio, we would me more inclined to use it and not be as intimated. I pray this theory works and we get some great pieces.  Here I would like to share links to wonderful free patterns and tutorials to create mini fashions for Bltyhe. Also our trials and joys along the way in our lessons. Check out some of the following links for patterns and tutorials.

Simplicity Skirt Tutorial by Morganannie

Felt Hair Bows by Oh Strumpets! Blythe too!

Party Dress Part 1 by Oh Strumpets! Blythe too!

Blythe T-Shirt

Blythe Party Dress

Blythe Empire Waist Dress

Collar Tutorial by Oh Strumpets! Blythe too!

Other Patterns from Puchi Collective

Simplicity Shirt Tutorial by Morganannie

Simplicity Shorts Tutorial by Morganannie

Pattern Directory 1

Pattern Directory 2

Orrietteacat Pattern Directory

Sock Sweater Dress

XOXO Blythe Patterns

Pillow Case Dress Tutorial

Let's Make a Blythe Corset! by Trio Blythe

Dolly Socks Tutorial 

Blythe TuTu Tutorial by Oh Strumpets!

Blythe Skirt Tutorial by Oh Strumpets!

I have also started a Sew Easy Pinboard on Pinterest.

Blythe doll body measurements
Head: 27.5cm = 10-3/4″
Shoulder-heel height = 16.5cm = 6-5/8″ (I like how her head is bigger around than she is tall!)
Bust: 10.5cm = 4-1/8″
Waist: 7.5cm = 2-3/4″ (Licca: 7cm)
Hip: 10.5cm = 4-1/8″ (Licca: 9.75cm)
Inseam (leg length): 10.5cm = 4-1/8″ (Licca: 10cm)
Torso (shoulder-waist): 3.5cm = 1-3/8″ (Licca: 4cm)
Arm length, including hand: 7cm = 2-3/4

Photo and measurements courtesy of