Project Black Blythe

Spray Painting Process

Taking my Blythe from white to brown.
1.Took head apart completely - Unscrewed and pressed firmly with palms applying pressure on both sides of head over ears.
2.Unscrewed T Bar and removed the entire eye mechanism.
3. Removed eyes from mechanism. (If you are going to change eye chips it's the perfect time to do so at this step.)
4Lightly sanded all parts.
5.Wiped down all parts thoroughly.
6.Sprayed back of face plate first to see if I liked the color and consistency of paint. Light long strokes of spray covering in a thin even coverage. (on first spray, make sure to spray away from body to get a nice stream started)
7. Sprayed front of face plate.
8. Sprayed eye mechanism.
9. Took apart Pure Neemo Flection S body and hung each piece on wires to insure even coverage all around. Light even spray (may look splotchy at first but this is the 1st spray of 3)
10. The paint I used took 10 minutes to dry. After 10 minutes I re-sprayed all the parts once again.
11. After 10 more minutes I came in with the 3rd and final spray focusing on small creases like ears and joints with a light spray.
12. I left her to sit for 24 hours. Did not touch, it is hard to do but patience is a must, if it's touched, it can become sticky and leave finger prints. The longer it sits the better.
Once completely dry I did a light make-up on the eye lids, applied new lashes and re-attached the eyes and put her back together. I then applied blush to cheeks and nose and voila the body is complete.






Middie Blythe Melomelowmew


Sandi said...

I love these dark skin girls ... did you use SEM UNIVERSAL COLOR COAT or some other paint?

Me said...

Thank you, I use Krylon Plastic Spraypint.

nerecrow said...

Can you please say the colour u used?Thaaank you!

Me said...

I use various colors of brown to see which I like best and I even use multiple color coats to acheive different colors. Just play around with it and you will find color combiniations you like.

a.wyatt said...

I am attempting my first customization.
I am in love with Playmates Hearts For Hearts dolls but they make one chocolate doll-Rahel- and it appears she has been discontinued.I plan to style Lillian.
For the most part finding black dolls is hard so you are refreshing and inspiring and I salute- no I praise you for you mission&talent.
Spray paint and alcohol based hair colour was my plan but make up and eyes are my issue.How do you do that?Like ,can I make a sheer acrylic to reshade her blue eyes?I can't airbrush and keep seeing people online with pencils and pastels but what sort can I look for?Please help.
LadyGodiva&Her Lil CaramelKiss

Rebecca Pettigrew said...

So... what if the paint on the pure neemo gets wonky because you left it hanging outside to dry, and the body fell down? i was able to sand the face where it got schmutzed, but that's not working on the body. :( Is there a way to get all the paint off and start over?