Hi, I'm Kyi (pronounce kh-eye)

Custom Doll Artist, Wanderluster, Dollhouse Creator, Pathological Photo Taker, Merriment Maker……...That's me!
I wear boots to work and heels to play with one foot in the fabulous and the other in the ordinary trying to merge the two everyday……..Welcome to My Delicious Bliss.

I have a passion for traveling, photography, reading, drawing, writing, baking, soaping, crafting.....just being creative.  I also have a love for swimming in the ocean, having adventures in food, listening to good music, photography, customizing dolls, creating doll houses with my Poppie and shopping with my daughters.

Doll Customizing started when my youngest daughter asked for a Blythe Doll for Christmas 2011. She showed me these Custom Blythe Dolls on line. I explained to her that they have been around since I was a child. After a search on line to show her the Blythe I remembered we came across a vast array of custom Blythe Dolls and an entire community of talented artist and collectors that loves them. My daughter desired a Blythe that resembled her, finding that the company did not manufacture a Blythe of color, I went on a quest and after extensive research began customizing a Beautiful Brown Blythe for my daughter.  This hobby is a great artistic outlet and enables us to be creative together. 

This unique hobby and community has given me such unexpected opportunity and has introduced me to some wonderfully talented and interesting people.  Through this muse called Blythe, I have the opportunity to combine my passion for photography and Blythe and have been able to become a published Gallery Artist and Photographer.  

My works have been featured in the book Metamorphosis Art of Blythe publish in 2013 by CWC available On-line and in Book stores Internationally.  
I was a featured artist at the Spotlight @ Made Gallery Opening in Long Beach, CA 2017.
I was a featured artist in the "Fairies and Folklore" Gallery Exhibition at the Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, Australia in 2015.
I was a featured artist in the Custom Blythe Installation "Romantic Heroine" at the Junie Moon Gallery and Lele Moon Gallery in Tokyo, Japan in 2014.  
Being the first artist to showcase Blythes of Color in Junie Moon and Lele Moon Galleries and featured my Beautiful Brown Blythes in the window display in the Junie Moon Shop in Tokyo, Japan. 

I am so honored to be accepted and my artistry appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to visit and taking a peek into my Bliss. I hope you likey! 
Peace, Love & Light, Kyi

You can find me all over the place!!!

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Behind the scene for my Artist Spotlight Interview with MADE Gallery 2017

Preview exhibition at Spotlight at MADE Gallery 2017

Opening at the Spotlight at MADE Gallery 2017

Promo Poster for the Auguste Clown Gallery Showing 2015

Me with my forever girl & first Beautiful Brown Blythe I customized, 
Evangeline at Blythe Con New York, Central Park Pre Meet 2013
Photo courtesy ©MyLifeInPlastic

The Original Bliss Studio

The Original Bliss Studio featured vibrant colors, grand dollhouses by Poppies Woodshop Designs. A long work surface for two work areas for my daughter and I. I wanted our environment to spark our creativity, to be surrounded by goodies that make us smile.