Created for the Once Upon A Blythe Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia at the Auguste Clown Gallery August 7th-23rd, 2015. The theme for the show was Fairies and Folklore. Since the Gallery show was in Australia, I wanted to honor the continents indigenous peoples the Aborigines. They have a tradition deep in folklore and tales told during what is called Dream Time, one of these tales is of a woman called Gnowee. The Sun Goddess of the Wotjobaluk Indigenous people of Southeast Australia. The Tale of Gnowee Gnowee lived on the earth at a time when the sky was dark and people used torches to see their way. One day while she was gathering yams, her baby son wandered away. With a huge torch, Gnowee set off in search of her son, but she could not find him. She continues to search, lighting the whole sky with her torch as she searches for her son. It is said that if she ever finds her son, the world would be plunged into eternal darkness.

Princess Tiger Lily and Sam & Suzy have traveled. After the April and May 2014 exhibition "Romantic Heroine" at the Junie Moon Gallery, they are now all on exhibition at the Lele Junie Moon in Shibuya now through July 13th, 2014. Please stop by if you can and visit them. They are all also available for in-store purchase and on line HERE.

1 of 8 International Artists featured in the "Romantic Heroine" Gallery Show at Junie Moon Gallery in Tokyo Japan. I created 3 Art Dolls for this installation. 

“Romantic Heroine” a group exhibition of 8 international Blythe artists that were featured in the book “Metamorphosis Art of Blythe” opens at Junie Moon Gallery Space from April 22 (Tues) to May 11 (Sun).
We have a rare opportunity to see in person the works of international Blythe artists.
The strength and beauty of these original one of a kind Blythe doll will inspire us all.?
New artists are on the rise every where in the world.
There are 9 groups of doll designers that are featured in this exhibition titled “Romantic Heroine”.?
All of these 12 handmade dolls of exquisite quality as well as dress sets by Trio are available for purchase from April 26 (Sat).
The book that features these artists “Metamorphosis Art of Blythe” book will also be available for purchase.

“Romantic Heroine” a group exhibition of 8 international Blythe artists that were featured in the book “Metamorphosis” at Junie Moon Gallery from April 22 (Tues) to May 11 (Sun).

Photos Courtesy of BlytheDoll.com

  “Metamorphosis- Art of Blythe-” is a new photo book that showcases a global cast of artists who use Blythe as their muse and canvas. A total of 19 artist from around the world were chosen by Blythe Creative Producer, Mrs. Junko Wong to participate in this special project. Each artist uses Blythe as the base to make beautiful transformations into works of art.
Each section goes in depth with the individual artists with captions about each image. In addition to that, there is a special Q & A section with each artist where they share their stories about their creations and love of Blythe. With “Metamorphosis- Art of Blythe-” you will see the many ways our favorite muse of Blythe is transformed by the talented hands of international artists. It’s a microcosm of fantasy, beauty, and innovation.
Participating Artists
Junie Moon, ouioui, Tokyo Rose Eric,  Odani Miyuki, Leonidas, kobana_sweet_graphic, Jodie♥dolls, Stable House, Melacacia, Hola Gominola,
My Delicious Bliss, Mab Graves, haco. , Mitsubachi @ BabyBee, *Soleil*, G.Baby, Rougedolls, kinokotti, Erregiro
Artist portrait, custom Blythe doll photos, artist profiles, interviews, caption descriptions, and afterward written by Mrs. Junko Wong.
“Metamorphosis- Art of Blythe-”
Price: 2,940 JPY
Release Date: October 2013
Editor: Junko Wong
Publisher: CWC BOOKS
Publishing House: Graphic SHA
Size: AB
Style: Softcover, parallel binding
Pages: 200
Junie Moon International Online Shopping will take preorders for this book from September 13, 2013.  The book will be released nationally throughout Japan on October 1st.
For more information, please check www.juniemoonshop.com to place your preorder.

Interview for Mademoiselle Blythe 

Published photograph of my Custom Makie 3D Printed Doll Arwen.
Customized and photographed for Make: Magazine, a Magazine that celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will.

Australia's Blythe Fest 2013 E-Magazine

Featuring all of the artists that contributed to Blythe Fest 2013

Blythe Photography Print featured on Fawn & Squirrel Blog  

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