Decoupaged Lids Tutorial

This is a very simple customization technique which gives a unique and bold look. 

~ Choose a thin material and layout pattern on lids for proper placement (materials such as light cotton fabric, tulle, thin lace or paper)

~ Cut to size of lids.

~ Cover lid with a meddium layer of Mod Podge

~ Lay fabric over the lid

~ Press and smooth over lid making sure there are no lifted edges or bumps.  

~ Cover fabric with more Mod Podge using long smooth strokes

~ Let dry~ Mod Podge dries clear. Use as many coats to get the desired finish. 

~ You can use Luster or Flat depending on the result you would like.

*Note you may need to trim down the upper eye sockets in the face-plate to accommodate the addition of fabric. You can do this by sanding or lightly trimming with an x-acto knife a tiny bit at a time.