Blythe Customization Tips & Tutorials

Wanted to share a few Flickr Sets with a few tips and simple tutorials 
to help you customize your own Blythe. 

Treating Synthetic Hair

Sometimes my Blythes synthetic hair needs to be tamed. With Genevive (Prima Dolly Aubrey) her hair right out of the box was uneven, frizzy and stiff. It was in urgent need of some TLC. Restoring your Blythes Synthetic hair to make it softer and more manageable is a simple task. All I do is wash it with regular shampoo, rinse with hot water, condition it and leave it in while you use a straight toothed comb to make sure all strands are covered. Rinse with hot water (or leave a little in if very bad texture), then give a cold water rinse and trim or cut if desired. I then comb the hair in the desired form I want the hair to have and wrap it in the original plastic or cloth and let it dry and hope for the best! So far I have had success and for really unruley synthetic hair I use a little fabric softener after I condition and rinse out.  I was taught this technique by my friend and Blythe Hair Guru Aveuch, you can find more great techniques from him here.
In addition I have also used the Steam Ironing Technique which I lay the hair between a wet towel and iron over to lay the hair straight. Never let the hot iron touch synthetic hair directly, it will melt. I found this technique leaves the the hair bone straight with great movement. And even if the hair is left in pig tails or a style, once taken down it goes completely straight again. Find more tips at Puchi Collective

RIT Dyeing Scalp

Coolcat Rubber Scalp, 1 Box of Powdered Rit Dye,
2 cups of hot water, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of laundry powder....soak for 10 min or less depending on desired depth of color.

Mr. Super Clear 

Mr. Super Clear is one of the most popular sealants available for customizing. Use it after faceup applications and painting to give your makeup a lasting seal.
This particular type dries to a MATTE finish.

T- Bar Gaze Correction

You may notice when your new girl arrives, her gaze is centered in a down position. She always looks as if she is looking down and is a bit sad. If you want to give her gaze a lift and brighten her look, here is a quick tutorial for Gaze Correction.

Open face plate and locate the T Bar and screw.

Unscrew and remove plastic T Bar.

 T Bar Gaze Correction
Small clip to raise eyes. Only trim a small amount, 
it is easy to clip more if needed but not good if you take too much  
so go in small clips.

 Clip the plastic T Bar with scissors just a tad to raise eye gaze.
And there you have a lifted gaze. Simple customization.

Eyechip Change
Glue stick Method. If your girl has lashes just tape over with blue painters tape as seen
Burn tip of glue stick till it is soft.
Press firmly onto center of eyechip and hold till dry
Let sit for 5 min or more (the longer the better)
Grasp glue stick as close to connection
Hold firmly, twist and pull in one motion to release chip.
If it does not release, just clip burnt tip off with scissors and repeat until it comes out.
I have had stubborn eyechips which have taken 6 to 7 tries, but they eventually came out with this method.
The glue just peels off of the eyechip, just clean and store for future use.

Freckle Time

Tooth pick technique.
Ceramcoat Acrylic paints in varying shades of brown, water and a tooth pick.

One dot, two dot, three dots more........

Dip tip in paint then in water,  tap on paper then onto face. Use finger to blot to make a more natural look.

Piercing Blythe Ears

A great and simple thing to do. I learned how to do this at a meet while casually talking with Fiddy.
Burn the tip of a safety Pin with a lighter
Push hot pin into earlobe where you want the piercing.
Keep burning and pushing until the pin goes all the way through.
Sand area around hole to remove melted plastic and black soot from burned pin.
Attach earrings of choice and backing and close head.
I am sure it can work any where on the face-plate you would like pierced.
#Note do this prior to painting if you plan on doing this on a spraypainted Face-plate

Eyelash Removal

A 5 minute soak in a bowl of warm water and those lashes came out easy peasy.  
After the soak
place tweezers as close to the lash line as possible.
Pull out lashes in a downward motion.
The lashes came right out.

Plucking those lashes

Removing the original lashes was very easy after a 5 min soak in a cup of warm water. 
They came right out as well as all of the glue.
If there is any glue left in slot, use a safety pin or xacto knife to dig out the softened glue.

Lashes Removed

While the eyemech is out and no lashes, it would be a good time to sand the lids or do whatever application you plan on.
Proper carving tools: Extra Fine Grit sand paper and sanding block, diamond tipped files, xacto knife set. Have a vision and patience.......take your time.

Project Brown Blythe