Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nyckel, OOAK Custom Blythe Art Doll & Diorama IN SHOP

Introducing Nyckel, Custom Blythe Artdoll, which means key in Swedish. 
She is the 3rd Art Doll in The "In a Sense Lost" Series titled "Birds of a Feather" Pedestal Diorama.
Nyckel watches over nature. Lover of animals, inspired by music, she writes. Her writings hold the key to the forests well being. 
Nyckel is a Custom Blythe Art Doll with a head of chocolate brown curls. 

She wears a copper corset which ties in the front with white panties, brown leg warmers, an embellished lace head band and a beaded feather choker. 
She has Jewelry Grade Pulls in copper and gold tones. 
Her eye chips are by Puppeline, Stablehouse and Karina. 
The Pedestal Diorama features Nyckel lounging against one tree with a golden knob and key hole with a hanging mirror hanging from a branch. Underneath she has set up a picnic blanket, her Victrola, her clock on a stump and a porcelain tray of sweet treats surrounded by her journals.

Inspired by Pop Surrealist Artist Kukula's 08/09 paintings. Created for the Spotlight at Made Gallery.


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