Saturday, November 25, 2017

Jian, OOAK Custom Pullip Art Doll

Introducing Jian, Custom Pullip Artdoll, which means key in Chinese. 
He is the 2nd Art Doll in The "In a Sense Lost" Series titled "Don't Judge a Book" Diorama. 
This androgynous one is the keeper of Secrets & Treasures. 
Sitting atop a tree stump stacked with books taking in the pleasures of an evening read, a little drink and treats to curb his sweet tooth. 
Jiàn is a custom Pullip Isul MIO Doll with a custom made wig and cap of super soft, jet black long Mohair from Mohair House styled into a top bun. 
He wears a molded gold chest plate with gold toned ties and copper metal wings on his back with white shorts.
He has copper colored hand painted eye chips by Melacacia. 

The Medium Diorama features a forest scene with one tree with a golden door knob and key hole and a battery operated candle light feature. He has three tree stumps topped with books and treats and a treasure chest full of secrets. A mirror and candelabra lean against the tree. 

Inspired by Pop Surrealist Artist Kukula's 08/09 paintings. Come see Jiàn in person at Spotlight at Made Gallery 

He is an Art Doll for the adult collector. Due to his delicate finish she should always be handled with great care as to not damage the finish. Since he is a customized doll be aware that he is not factory perfect.

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