Friday, November 24, 2017

Avain, OOAK Custom Blythe Art Doll & Diorama IN THE SHOP


Introducing Avain, Custom Blythe Artdoll, which means key in Finnish. 
She is the 1st Art Doll in The "In a Sense Lost" Series titled "In Good Time" Large Pond Diorama.
Avian is the protector, she looks sweet but is in deed a notable adversary.
She is strong headed, smart and indulges in her desires. 

She has a custom Pearl Angora Mohair Skinny Scalp by Unicorn Mine. 
She wears a golden breast plate corset which ties up the back, with metal ring details, frilly panties with white and blue white lace and a molded gold embellished masquerade mask with lace ties. 
She had Jewelry Grade pulls of a filigree pearled caged heart with a Rococo Style filigree with drop pearl. She has four sets of eye chips by Puppelina, Stable House and Karina. 

The Large Diorama features a pond with lily pads where Avain enjoys passing the time having her afternoon tea and treats along side as she floats her wooden boat under three trees one with a golden knob and key hole topped with a collection of Reutter Porzellan Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clocks. 

Inspired by Pop Surrealist Artist Kukula's 08/09 paintings. Created for the Spotlight at Made Gallery.

She is and Art Doll for the adult collector. Due to her delicate finish she should always be handled with great care as to not damage her finish. 
Since she is a customized doll be aware that she is not factory perfect.


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