Saturday, May 27, 2017

Come See Some of my Custom Art Dolls In Person

I have had 3 International Gallery showings of my Custom Art Dolls, two Gallery Exhibitions in Japan and one in Australia.
I am finally showing locally, so honored to be invited to participate in the Grand Opening of the Spotlight at Made Gallery in the Long Beach Downtown East Village Art District. 

If you are interested in seeing some of my Custom Art Doll and Diorama work in person along with the works of other select artists please join us Saturday, June 3rd from 5-7 pm. 

Spotlight at Made
425 E. Broadway, Ave, Long Beach, Ca 90802

Here is a sneak Peek at my "In A Sense Lost " Series

 Avain "All in Good Time" Art Doll & Diorama

Nyckel, "Birds of a Feather" Art Doll & Pedestal Diorama

 Jiàn, "Never Judge a Book" Art Doll & Diorama

K, "It Don't Mean a Thing: Art Doll & Diroama

"In A Sense Lost" Series

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Time is almost over and Summer is on it's tail.
Evangeline and Lola wanted to wear their finest Plastic Fashion Dresses while they still had time.

Harper's Sweet Adventures


Sweet Harper the curly haired cutie has found her home in Florida with Lily.
I know she has settled in to her new sweet spot. I can't wait to see her adventures.
Harper travels in a dress by Sewing Love by Tania and vintage Skipper shoes.

Emilia has found her new home

Emiia found her home and is living in Chicago with Teryl.
Emilia travels in a Vintage World of Love shirt with Twin Hearts Cargo's and shoes.

Aubrie is on to New Adventures

Aubrie has found her new home and is off to new adventures in China with Liting.
I love seeing my dolls travel across the world.
It's as if a part of me is in China.
Aurbie is traveling in an outfit by Rabbit In The Moon

Ella, Little Vintage French Creole Cutie Custom Commission

Created this lil cutie for a Connie in Texas.
She envisioned a Vintage French Creole girl with honey brown hair and hazel eyes with an old soul.
She is wearing a dress by Rabbit In The Moon.