Sunday, November 6, 2016

INQUIRIES: Sharing My Work, The Process and Bit of Background

In response to several lovely inquiries from interested clients outside of the Doll Community I wanted to take some time to share some information regarding my work and the creative process of my Custom Art Dolls.
I am a Custom Doll Artist creating One of a Kind Art Dolls for the past 5 years.
I do not mass produce dolls for child's play but for the adult collector.
I create One of A Kind Art Dolls for Collectors in the Doll Community.
My work has been featured in Art Galleries and Published in books.
I got into this not at all approaching it as a business but as a hobby. My daughter wanted a Blythe doll that reflected her characteristics, Takara did not manufacture a Blythe of color at the time so I dove into the Community of talented artist and lovely collectors. Researching, gaining knowledge, making friends, I built a true appreciation for the artistry of it all from the dolls to the clothing and accessories all hand made buy such talented creatives across the world.
I had found a way to creatively express myself through an art I didn't even know I had a talent for and was able to combine it with my passion for photography.
The process involves reworking existing dolls such as Blythes, Pullips, Icy Dolls, etc...and I customize them. I take them apart and each aspect is created by hand. I hand carve, paint, re-root hair, apply face ups, paint individual eye chips(Neo Blythes have 4 sets of eye chips)and create custom pulls(Blythes), correcting gaze, sleep eye function etc...
They are not massed produced. Each and every Art Doll is personalized down to the color of their eyes, the texture of their hair to the color of their skin, each truly unique and One Of A Kind.
An immense amount of time, care and artistry is put into each and every step, curating the supplies needed such as hair fibers, dyes, paints, eye chips to the requested body style, clothing and accessories.
It is a personal journey bringing these art dolls to life and I work with each client on a one on one basis to create the doll they envision.
As I a create, upon completion, I list for adoption.
I take a limited amount of Custom Commissions and have artistic freedom taking into consideration the clients desires. Pricing depends on the type of doll being customized and the amount of work requested. As with any art form you can not place restrictions and time limits when creating if one wants something to be truly special. 
When I do have an Art Doll available for sale or open for Commissions, I list in my Etsy Shop. I advise of this via Facebook, Instagram and emails if subscribed. All those can be linked directly from this Facebook Page via the "Shop Now Tab", and in the left side panel. 
I hope this helps address some of the questions some may have and I greatly appreciate the interest in my work. If you have any additional questions please ask. I try to respond to my messages here and Etsy in good time. 
Love & Light, Kyi

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