Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ellington, Beautiful Brown Blythe

Ellington Before 

Ellington After refresher


Full Synthetic Reroot of glorious big curls

Ellington is on a new tilt Head Licca Boddy

Shimmering Pink Lids and lush lashes

Delicate features and Sleep Eyes

Replace one of her 4 sets of Eye chips with these Big Brown Eyes

A renewed look for a little one I created for my Blythe Community friend Zen 4 years ago.  I gave this cutie and updated new look with fuller lips and philtrum and a button nose, she also was given a warmer glowing face-up. I created for her a re-root with beautiful big coil permed synthetic curls, I am really happy with how it came out. She also received a new tilt head Licca Body.  She looks like the little New Yorker she was made to be. Ellington is one of my all time favorite girls.

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