Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SImone, Custom Beautiful Brown Blythe Middie

Introducing Simone, a Custom Commissioned Takara Middie Blythe Q Tea Party on a Pure Neemo XS Flection Body. She has been carfully airbrushed a yummy milky chocolate color. She has a super soft black Suri Alapaca Mohair Wig by Sleeping Elf and a pair of my signature hand painted eye chips in a pretty sparkling hazel. She has lush lashes and shimmering pink lids. She has a very delicate carving and pretty pink contoured face-up with whispy brows.   This special little Middie was a Custom Commission and is ready to head to her new home in Texas.  

Simone is wearing a hand knitted Green Jumper and Pink Dress by Aveuch

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