Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jaelyn, Custom Takara Blythe Lacrosse Goalie

Custom Commissioned Little Lacrosse Goalie. 
The client wanted a mini version of his daughter who graduated from High School with a College Lacrosse Scholarship. It was a fun challenge to bring the vision for little Jaelyn to life but so much fun. 
I hand sculpted the Lacrosse stick and sewed in the netting and even added a ball and racquet details, custom painted helmet with the help of my talented husband, created a completely custom uniform with shoes and shin guards and all proper emblems, hand dyed rerooted Alpaca hair, hand painted eye chips, carved features and piercings and completed with a diorama field stand with turf and Goalies Net.
I was also so honored and lucky enough to be able to hand deliver this little one to her new owner as she was going away to college. I never get the opportunity to deliver and meet my clients in person since they are mostly international and/or in other states so this was a real treat for me to see her reaction. 

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