Friday, October 23, 2015

When Inspiration Takes a Backseat to Plagiarism

An artist claiming to find his original inspiration from his "doll like wife"?

Israeli local Actor and Artist blatantly copied Blythe Artists customs and photographs without giving any credit to the artists, being dishonest, stating his original inspiration was derived from his "doll like wife". With no mention of Blythe Dolls or the various artists works and photographs in which he undeniably copied. Works which were in some cases copied exactly varying only in a change of hair or eye chip color. So sad when people with actual talent lack integrity. His skills are good enough but he lacks virtue and a bit of perspective.

These side by side comparison photos speak for themselves. 

The left showing original art created and photographed by Custom Doll Artists, 
The right showing the copied works of  Zion Baruch.

    Clockwise from left:
    Alberto Rodruiguez, Sahron Avital, My Delicious Bliss, K07 Doll, Vainilla Dolly, Kassandra Box

    Clockwise from left:
    Vainilla Dolly, Cupcake Curio, Vainilla Dolly, Daferny, GBaby Customs, Sharon Avital

Here you can see an Israeli Television Interview and a bit of an expose on this mans Gallery opening and bringing to light his plagiarists ways.

Here is an on line Israeli news post and Interview with accompanying story in which I have translated below.


He copied our creations
Moment that launched Zion Baruch his new painting exhibition , collectible dolls makers claim that the ancient blessed the works . 
Now try local and international artists to band together to file a huge lawsuit against Baruch . Baruch : " Art as art is allowed to draw everything." Voila ! Celebs curator

Bible copied Mitzirotinobthilt week were moved quite a few celebrities when they reached the debut exhibition of the painter  Zion Baruch , who presented his paintings in an exhibition titled ' sister , bride . Those who are less excited by artist Sharon Avital is not slept for three days . Since the launch of the sparkling accepted Sharon's friends and acquaintances, quite a number who turned her attention that the paintings of the Blessed similar suspiciously especially her work : "On the eve of the exhibition received dozens of messages , and then I watched coverage of the show on TV and I started to understand the magnitude of the problems of the matter ," recalls Avital. 

Avital began to investigate the issue further and discovered that she was not alone - she says , softly using the works of many artists abroad significant inspiration for his paintings , without giving them credit. 

So what artists say Zion Baruch copies ? This collectible doll named Belait ( Blythe ) , a limited number of artists from around the world take its skeleton and shape it according to their vision : changing the hair, eyes , fashion items and add to carve his facial features . All this doll is unique and sold to collectors all over the world , when the name of the artist is behind the creation of course .

His paintings of the Blessed , the claims Avital affected Blythe dolls. So far there is no problem , but that artists claim that Baruch took significant inspiration for their works , without specifying the source of inspiration and without giving them credit.

Avital , which is the only Israeli dealing with this art - turned the attention of the community of artists and collectors from around the world the works of Zion : "I spoke with members of the community and I was signed Instagram of Zion Baruch . I looked and I was in shock . I discovered to my amazement that he was following me - and not just behind me - but after dozens of artists type in the world. I realized the scope of the problem range than I thought , and I have to turn to legal counsel . "

Artist , were shocked by what they told Israeli colleague , and began to attack the Blessed responses of paintings , other artists tag and add the Hhastag Stolenart # ( stolen art ) . Now , according to Avital , these artists join forces and through lawyers examine the legal measures that can be taken against Baruch . Meanwhile Artists Welcome to block them from following their Instagram account . Judge for yourself : 

Get Instagram accounts of the artists -Https://

On behalf of Zion Baruch responded: "Every interview Zion Baruch exist, explicitly stated by it he paints puppets exist. He never denied that the sources of his inspiration were Russian dolls, Japanese and Israeli companies also famous Instagram, online and in the media world in general. Each dolls ( by the way, neither painted) He gave his personal adaptation as Htz'iborskh added every female character. "

"Art as art is allowed to draw everything, like Andy and Rahel drew Mickey Mouse and Disney did not demand it, or painted Coca-Cola and they did not demand it - that Zion Baruch was inspired dolls already exist: doll Htz'iborskh - Russian doll founder from the 70 and other doll that comes from the United States.
There are so many artists who paint inspired by the BLYTHE ".

Voila! Celebs against copying, unless it's matriculation exams 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Halloween Adventure Time!

Bubblegum is ready for Halloween already and her friend Finn does not seem to be happy with her costume choice, Jake on the other hand is so on board! LSP is amused!

Mohair Finn helmet by Gamusina
Sweater by Lunita
Custom shorts by Lonely Hearts
Finn's Sword