Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tanned Takara Blythe Official Releases

With all of the fake tanned Blyth Dolls flooding the Blythe Community by new collectors, I wanted to share a post of official CWC Takara Blythe Tanned releases so those new to the community can familiarize themselves with the evolution of the tanned Blythe.  There may be more or some that you personally feel are not "tanned"enough but they are darker in comparison to the white Blythes and are in the range of brown hues; some lighter and some darker but still fall under "tan" as far as CWC is concerned.  Hope to see even more coming soon in the future.These dolls are official releases and only come as shown.   Be aware that if you purchase a tanned Nude Blythe type doll unboxed from eBay or Aliexpress they are more then likely fakes.  The eye chips will not be that of the official releases and the hair will be a different style.  A fake tanned blyth from ebay or Ali is not a Heather Sky or a MPG, they are simply fake tan Blythe copies.  Example…Heater Sky has bangs, if you buy a Blyth from eBay or Ali and the doll has a center part no bangs, guess what..it is most likely a fake.  Pay attention to details such as hair and eye chips which are unique to each release.  If you want to purchase official Blythe releases research the doll carefully and ask lots of questions.  Always try to purchase the doll in a box and unopened is ideal.  If it is a newly released Blythe you should always purchase from the authentic source of Blythe, CWC's  Junie Moon Shop in Japan.  CC Toys in Japan also sells genuine Blythe dolls as well.

Cinnamon Girl (CG) Released: February 2003Mold: EBLNote: 1st Tanned Blythe Release by CWC

Roxy Baby-EX (RB)
Released: July 205
Mold: SBL
Note: CWC Limited Release

Prima dolly Ginger (PDG or Ginger
Released: August 2006
Mold: SBL
Star Dancer (SD)
Released: November 2006
Mold: RBL

Prima Dolly Ebony (PDE) or Ebony
Released: February 2007
Mld: RBL

Prima Dolly Heather Sky (PDHS) or (HS)
Released: March 2009
Mold: RBL

Sunshine Holiday (SH)
Released: April 2009
Mold: RBL

Manuheali'i Paradise Girl (MPG) or (PD)
Released: September 2010
Mold: RBL

Cherry Beach Sunset (CBS) or Cherry
Released: July 2015
Mold: RBL

Middie Blythe Cool Pool Lemonade (CPL) 
Released: 2015
Mold: Middie
Note: 1st Middie Blythe release by CWC

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