Sunday, July 5, 2015

Once Upon A Blythe Gallery Exhibition, Australia

I am so honored to asked to participate in the upcoming Once Upon A Blythe Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia next month. The theme is Fairies and Folklore, I did not want to submit a piece that was in any way expected or obvious.  I decided since the Gallery show is in Australia, to honor the continents indigenous peoples…...the Aborigines. They have a tradition deep in folklore and tales told during what they call Dream Time, one of these tales is of a woman called Gnowee.  

The sun Goddess of the aboriginal people of Southeast Australia. Gnowee lived on the earth at a time when the sky was dark and people used torches to see their way. One day while she was gathering yams, her baby son wandered away. With a huge torch, Gnowee 

set off in search of her son, but she couldn’t find him. She continues to search, lighting the whole sky with her torch as she searches for her son. It is said that if she ever finds her son, the world would be plunged into eternal darkness.

 Traditional Aboriginal Dot Body Painting

Her Pull Rings are of Tiger's Eye, a member of the quartz gemstones with a radiant golden to red-brown colour, with a silky luster. This is a powerful stone that aids harmony and balance, and to release fear and anxiety. Traditionally carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishing, and is known to give courage, self confidence and strength of will. Her beads consist of two styles of rich wooden hand carved, Golden filigree minis, Gold flecked glass and Smokey Quartz beads on brown satin ribbons.

 Gnowee's headpiece is made of genuine soft leather with golden chain detail

If you are in the Melbourne area, please stop by the Auguste Clown Gallery and view the show and if you are so inclined have the option of purchasing Gnowee for your collection. 

The Auguste Clown Gallery is now accepting orders and preview requests on the exhibition pieces so if you are interested in purchasing Gnowee you can email them at  

Auguste Clown Gallery ~ Fairies and Folklore Exhibition 
Opening Night Friday 7th August, 6pm – 8pm 
Free entry, champagne provided. The exhibition will show from 7th August – 23rd August.

52 Johnston Street 
Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC

Ph: (03) 9416 4662

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