Monday, April 20, 2015

Blythe Coachella, A Candy Colored Adventure

Just another glorious warm sunny April morning in Southern California.  
Curls wrapped, bathing suit on, lightweight bloomers, Docs on her feet and camera around her neck, Evangeline is ready for an adventure.  
She passes Blythe and she knows she is getting closer. 
The palms of Palms Springs stand tall as a beacon to this desert oasis. 
The Wind Farms of Indio mark that she is nearly there.
Coachella City Limits are reached.
The desert breeze of the Coachella Valley carries with it the sounds of music and people gathered.
Awaiting her is a candy colored adventure of art, music, fashion and desert tripping. 

Evangeline is a Takara Blythe Simply Mango Custom on a Licca Chan Body.
She wears Vintage silk scarves
Bathing Suit by Boutique de Lupi
Bloomers by Luxielou
Dr. Martens Booots by Momoko
Socks by Sugar Baby Love
Leather Satchel by Miss Yo
Camera with Leather step by Dragon Action