Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tyler, Beautiful Brown Pullip Art Doll

Custom Pullip Doll Tyler. See Listing here for details and purchase
She features lovely caramel colored skin, gorgeous shimmering silver and gold Hand painted eyes and a head of full luxurious Curly Human Hair.

She is a sweet little girl who loves to travel. She enjoys reading and taking photos. I hope you have a place in your home for her.

~ Pullip Make It Your Own Fashion Doll Kit
~ Sand Matted Front and Back Plates
~ Airbrushed plates and body in a warm caramel color
~ Body has been blushed and contoured.
~ Carved mouth, nose, nares & philtrum
~ Face-up with Artists acrylics, pastels and mica powders Sealed with MSC
~ Lush lashes on lids
~ Hand painted Gold & Silver eye chips by Almond Doll
~ Gorgeous Full Hand Sewn Curly Human Hair Wig attached with velcro for easy removal
~ Special ear piercings consisting of 2 in left and 1 in the right ear. With gold toned metal hoops and a stud.

She will travel nude.

Notes & flaws:
Her joints where she has range of motion are white, those areas if painted would chip out and effect her movement. The visible white joints do not deflect from her beauty as seen in the photos. She also has some paint puckering on her left thigh. If these imperfection bother you please do not purchase this doll.

*Please note due to the fact that this Art Doll is painted, it is imparative that you must handle her with extreme care as to not damage her delicate painted finish. The Plastic of the Pullip body does not like to hold paint and with heavy handling will cause chipping. She is for the adult collector only and should be handled lightly only. Due to the nature of the materials and methods used in airbrushing and face-ups, there are minor imperfections such as small amounts of dust, stray pastel, powders, or paint build up, they can also be slightly asymmetrical so please be aware of this if it bothers you.

Comes from a smoke free and pet free studio.

Please contact me with any questions.
Thank you for looking, xo Kyi

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pray For Paris

Prayers for Paris🙏

My heart is heavy and sending Prayers to my friends, their loved ones and those who have fallen victim to such atrocities taking place right now in Paris. 

Mon cœur est lourd et l'envoi de prières à mes amis, à leurs proches et ceux qui ont été victimes de ces atrocités qui se déroulent en ce moment à Paris.

Friday, October 23, 2015

When Inspiration Takes a Backseat to Plagiarism

An artist claiming to find his original inspiration from his "doll like wife"?

Israeli local Actor and Artist blatantly copied Blythe Artists customs and photographs without giving any credit to the artists, being dishonest, stating his original inspiration was derived from his "doll like wife". With no mention of Blythe Dolls or the various artists works and photographs in which he undeniably copied. Works which were in some cases copied exactly varying only in a change of hair or eye chip color. So sad when people with actual talent lack integrity. His skills are good enough but he lacks virtue and a bit of perspective.

These side by side comparison photos speak for themselves. 

The left showing original art created and photographed by Custom Doll Artists, 
The right showing the copied works of  Zion Baruch.

    Clockwise from left:
    Alberto Rodruiguez, Sahron Avital, My Delicious Bliss, K07 Doll, Vainilla Dolly, Kassandra Box

    Clockwise from left:
    Vainilla Dolly, Cupcake Curio, Vainilla Dolly, Daferny, GBaby Customs, Sharon Avital

Here you can see an Israeli Television Interview and a bit of an expose on this mans Gallery opening and bringing to light his plagiarists ways.


Here is an on line Israeli news post and Interview with accompanying story in which I have translated below.


He copied our creations
Moment that launched Zion Baruch his new painting exhibition , collectible dolls makers claim that the ancient blessed the works . 
Now try local and international artists to band together to file a huge lawsuit against Baruch . Baruch : " Art as art is allowed to draw everything." Voila ! Celebs curator

Bible copied Mitzirotinobthilt week were moved quite a few celebrities when they reached the debut exhibition of the painter  Zion Baruch , who presented his paintings in an exhibition titled ' sister , bride . Those who are less excited by artist Sharon Avital is not slept for three days . Since the launch of the sparkling accepted Sharon's friends and acquaintances, quite a number who turned her attention that the paintings of the Blessed similar suspiciously especially her work : "On the eve of the exhibition received dozens of messages , and then I watched coverage of the show on TV and I started to understand the magnitude of the problems of the matter ," recalls Avital. 

Avital began to investigate the issue further and discovered that she was not alone - she says , softly using the works of many artists abroad significant inspiration for his paintings , without giving them credit. 

So what artists say Zion Baruch copies ? This collectible doll named Belait ( Blythe ) , a limited number of artists from around the world take its skeleton and shape it according to their vision : changing the hair, eyes , fashion items and add to carve his facial features . All this doll is unique and sold to collectors all over the world , when the name of the artist is behind the creation of course .

His paintings of the Blessed , the claims Avital affected Blythe dolls. So far there is no problem , but that artists claim that Baruch took significant inspiration for their works , without specifying the source of inspiration and without giving them credit.

Avital , which is the only Israeli dealing with this art - turned the attention of the community of artists and collectors from around the world the works of Zion : "I spoke with members of the community and I was signed Instagram of Zion Baruch . I looked and I was in shock . I discovered to my amazement that he was following me - and not just behind me - but after dozens of artists type in the world. I realized the scope of the problem range than I thought , and I have to turn to legal counsel . "

Artist , were shocked by what they told Israeli colleague , and began to attack the Blessed responses of paintings , other artists tag and add the Hhastag Stolenart # ( stolen art ) . Now , according to Avital , these artists join forces and through lawyers examine the legal measures that can be taken against Baruch . Meanwhile Artists Welcome to block them from following their Instagram account . Judge for yourself : 

Get Instagram accounts of the artists -Https://instagram.com/mydeliciousbliss/Https://instagram.com/sharonavitaldolls/

On behalf of Zion Baruch responded: "Every interview Zion Baruch exist, explicitly stated by it he paints puppets exist. He never denied that the sources of his inspiration were Russian dolls, Japanese and Israeli companies also famous Instagram, online and in the media world in general. Each dolls ( by the way, neither painted) He gave his personal adaptation as Htz'iborskh added every female character. "

"Art as art is allowed to draw everything, like Andy and Rahel drew Mickey Mouse and Disney did not demand it, or painted Coca-Cola and they did not demand it - that Zion Baruch was inspired dolls already exist: doll Htz'iborskh - Russian doll founder from the 70 and other doll that comes from the United States.
There are so many artists who paint inspired by the BLYTHE ".

Voila! Celebs against copying, unless it's matriculation exams 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Halloween Adventure Time!

Bubblegum is ready for Halloween already and her friend Finn does not seem to be happy with her costume choice, Jake on the other hand is so on board! LSP is amused!

Mohair Finn helmet by Gamusina
Sweater by Lunita
Custom shorts by Lonely Hearts
Finn's Sword

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tanned Takara Blythe Official Releases

With all of the fake tanned Blyth Dolls flooding the Blythe Community by new collectors, I wanted to share a post of official CWC Takara Blythe Tanned releases so those new to the community can familiarize themselves with the evolution of the tanned Blythe.  There may be more or some that you personally feel are not "tanned"enough but they are darker in comparison to the white Blythes and are in the range of brown hues; some lighter and some darker but still fall under "tan" as far as CWC is concerned.  Hope to see even more coming soon in the future.These dolls are official releases and only come as shown.   Be aware that if you purchase a tanned Nude Blythe type doll unboxed from eBay or Aliexpress they are more then likely fakes.  The eye chips will not be that of the official releases and the hair will be a different style.  A fake tanned blyth from ebay or Ali is not a Heather Sky or a MPG, they are simply fake tan Blythe copies.  Example…Heater Sky has bangs, if you buy a Blyth from eBay or Ali and the doll has a center part no bangs, guess what..it is most likely a fake.  Pay attention to details such as hair and eye chips which are unique to each release.  If you want to purchase official Blythe releases research the doll carefully and ask lots of questions.  Always try to purchase the doll in a box and unopened is ideal.  If it is a newly released Blythe you should always purchase from the authentic source of Blythe, CWC's  Junie Moon Shop in Japan.  CC Toys in Japan also sells genuine Blythe dolls as well.

Cinnamon Girl (CG) Released: February 2003Mold: EBLNote: 1st Tanned Blythe Release by CWC

Roxy Baby-EX (RB)
Released: July 205
Mold: SBL
Note: CWC Limited Release

Prima dolly Ginger (PDG or Ginger
Released: August 2006
Mold: SBL
Star Dancer (SD)
Released: November 2006
Mold: RBL

Prima Dolly Ebony (PDE) or Ebony
Released: February 2007
Mld: RBL

Prima Dolly Heather Sky (PDHS) or (HS)
Released: March 2009
Mold: RBL

Sunshine Holiday (SH)
Released: April 2009
Mold: RBL

Manuheali'i Paradise Girl (MPG) or (PD)
Released: September 2010
Mold: RBL

Cherry Beach Sunset (CBS) or Cherry
Released: July 2015
Mold: RBL

Middie Blythe Cool Pool Lemonade (CPL) 
Released: 2015
Mold: Middie
Note: 1st Middie Blythe release by CWC

Friday, September 11, 2015

Interview with Blythe Animation Collaborator Maribel Diaz

A World of Endless Possibilities

Maribel Diaz, Blythe Collector and Photographer
Answers 5 questions we want answered about the Blythe Animation Collaboration with Stop Motion Animator Phil Dale 

by My Delicious Bliss

After getting in a two exclusive Q & A’s with Stop Motion Animator Phil Dale about The Blythe Animation Collaboration Project he is working on, it is time to find out with whom he is collaborating and how this project came about.

Enter Maribel Diaz, aka Voo_doolady in the Blythe Community, an avid Toy and Art Collector and Photographer. Maribel’s whimsical images bring her plastic subjects to life and her collection of fantastic plastic is vast. Amongst her Blythe Collection was a little one called Cobain, a doll she commissioned from Maria Ruiz Castelain and gave her life via her photographs. A Stop Motion enthusiast, Maribel reached out to Stop Motion Animator Phil Dale via Instagram and from those interactions a collaboration was born.

Maribel started collecting Blythe in August 2008 while online searching for photos of the 1980's singer "Blondie". As she was browsing through the photo results, she saw a blonde big eyed doll channeling Blondie. She was so intrigued by the doll and was determined to find out what type of doll she was. The search led her to Flickr and that's where she saw a world of dolls she had no idea existed. She soon got into photography because it was the way to share her dolls. She was inspired by so many creative Blythe doll photographers and their beautiful photos. She wanted to bring her dolls to life like they were and continues to aspire to improve her photography more and more every day.

1. How did this collaboration manifest?

It all started while conversing with Phil about one of his previous works, The Periwig-Maker. He was the sole animator for this stop motion short and he did such an amazing job. I remember telling him how I really enjoy watching the behind the scenes of stop motion animation and how much I appreciate him sharing his work with us on Instagram. That’s when Phil (@handmation) mentioned to me how he was thinking about animating a Blythe doll. I wanted to scream with excitement! We started talking about animation and ended up discussing Blythe and her elements, the story behind Blythe collecting, how articulate they are, and much more. Phil asked me if I would like to be part of a little collaboration and of course I said yes! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project. Part of the collaboration was for me to provide a doll from my personal collection. After carefully looking at all my dolls, we both decided that Cobain would be the chosen one.

2. Who was the artist that customized Cobain?

Cobain was customized by Maria Ruiz Castelain. She is a Spanish publicist by profession and the person behind the name “La Chica del Lunar” a blog she started to share her handmade crafts, illustrations, and graphic design. Somewhere along the way she discovered Blythe and that’s when she decided she wanted to customize dolls. It was a great pleasure working with Maria as she customized Cobain. Following the step by step process of your doll’s customization is so fun to see. Maria is very happy and excited that we have chosen Cobain for this collaboration. She cannot wait to see more! You can find more information on Maria and her Blythe custom work at her main Blog or her Etsy Shop.

3. Do you have any storyboard ideas for the project? If not what are your hopes for Cobain? 
    What type of scenarios do you envision?

I was asked the same question by Phil when we decided to move forward with the collaboration. I pitched an idea to him and waited for his response. When he told me we both had similar story ideas, that made my day! I would love to tell you all about it, but you will have to wait and see!

4. What is Cobain’s personality like? Who is she?

Cobain is a creative, adventurous, tomboyish girl that loves grunge fashion, music, playing her guitar, and the outdoors. She’s very good at repairing things and coming up with solutions to any obstacle that comes her way. She “tries” to avoid mischief and can be a little quiet and reserved at times, which can make it hard to get to know her well, but when you do she is all love.

5. What is the feeling you get when you see a new post regarding the Blythe Animation Project?

I’m fascinated every single time a new update is posted. Blythe was not necessarily built for animation and it’s intriguing to see what animation rigs can do to a Blythe mechanism. As a Blythe collector and photographer, being able to capture a moment where you see your doll come to life or express emotion is so rewarding to me, but to see her come to life via stop motion animation is taking Blythe into a whole new level. So many more emotions can be captured and expressed. I envision this project will be taking Blythe from a still moment in a photograph to an outside world of endless possibilities. 

All photos courtesy @Voo_doolady

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Last Days of Summer

Soaking up the last days of Summer, Love came along with me to the beach. 
Love is a smart, witty, girl with a love for reading, scarp booking and journaling. 
She loves the beach, bird watching and star gazing.
She has tiny braces on her teeth and love in her heart and she is ready 
go on adventures with you.

See more information on adopting Love here at her Etsy Listing
Payment plan available.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Part 2: Q & A with Stop Motion Animator Phil Dale

Second part of my Interview with animator Phil Dale, considered one of the leading stop motion animators of his generation. As a member of the Liaka Animation Studio, Phil specializes in stop motion animation, with his most notable work seen in some of our most favorite animated features such as Corpse Bride, CORALINE, The Boxtrolls, and The Tale of Despereaux.  Since Phil has made some progress on the Blythe Animation Project I wanted to talk with him regarding the next steps in the creative process on his collaboration with Maribel aka Voodoolady who has brought Cobain Blythe to life via her photographs.

Phil working on the Blythe Animation Project in his home studio.

1. What has been the most challenging part of this project?
I’m an Animator first. That’s my area of expertise and professionally I haven’t had to build and rig my own puppet for a very long time. One challenge has been trying to figure out how to do those things again. The other challenge, if it can be termed that, is that I only have short amounts of time to dedicate to the project……15 minutes here, a half hour there. I have a full-time job and a young family that need my full focus, so it just means that what is already a slow process, creeps forward even slower. But, even small steps move you forward over time. 
Been working on some custom eyes for the Cobain Blythe collaboration today.
Still working on the paint job. Next I’ll need to rig the eyes for animation.

Mold making. Trying a different tact with the Blythe eyes. Wasn’t completely happy 
with what I had. Going to try casting some resin eyes!

 Mold making pt2. Negative space. Silicone mold for Blythe eyes.

2. When bringing characters to life, do you have a set personality envisioned?
Well on this Blythe project I asked Maribel (@Voodoolady) for cues as to the personality of Cobain, It is her doll after all and it’s important to me as it’s a collaboration to bring the character to life in the way Maribel has imagined her.  Also, there are obviously the dolls look and styling that also hint at her character, but what I’ll be able to add is personality as conveyed through movement.  I think the wide eyed look of Blythe dolls in general gives them a feeling of the young innocence of wonder at the world that is appealing, coupled with a sense of cheeky mischievous fun.  So that is the sort of thinking and approach I will bring to the personality.                                            

New Blythe eyes! Let’s see if the mechanism of this new approach will be more fruitful. Hopefully a little animation test in the next week or so.                                             
I seem to have wandered down a side alley with this Blythe Animation Project 
and have become fixated with painting eye chips! These are some I did last night.

3. Do you have a storyline in place for Cobain?
Well I had an idea for a little story, but I wanted to hear if Maribel had any ideas first. To my surprise our ideas were almost identical. It’s not anything ground breaking, but you will have to wait and see what the story is.                     

Eye Rig v2. It’s not pretty but its working better than my first attempt!

4. Will this project be a short story or a commercial length production?
As I mentioned it’s all about bandwidths, so I only envisioned it being a micro short film. Even a short film is a lot of work. Maybe producing it in installments that can play on Instagram. I like the idea of trying to use new media platforms to tell stories.  Let’s see how this goes, if there is enough interest from the community maybe it would be possible to do a Kick Start to fund a larger project.  

Was going to try and do a little animation test this evening... but the power supply for my camera isn't working! Let’s see how long the battery takes to charge.

Okay it’s a bit rough and ready but here is the first little Blythe Animation test. 
Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Regarding his posted Blythe Animation rough test……..

Phil: I’m please, but also a bit embarrassed by the reception the test has got. I shot it very quickly, for an hour or so after the kids went to bed. 

MDB: Why would you be embarrassed by the reception the test clip got?

Phil: I guess professionally I didn’t feel the quality of the animation warranted that response, but don’t get me wrong, it was great to get! 

“I think the Blythe Community is a perfect fit with animation.”                                                                                             Phil Dale ~ Stop Motion Animator

Please keep updated on the Blythe Animation Project and Phil’s other upcoming projects by following him on Instagram @HandMation and also his Handmation Facebook Page. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming Q & A with Phil’s collaboration partner on the Blythe Animation Project, Maribel aka Voodoolady.  You can visit her Instagram @VOO_DOOLADY and also her Flickr.

All photos and videos courtesy Phil Dale/2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gnowee's Information Booklet

Gnowee is now at the Auguste Clown Gallery Fairies and Folklore Exhibition. She comes with a booklet detailing her story and all work done to create her. Here is a look at her booklet.

Embed code 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Tease & Tan, Blythe on Holiday

Away on Holiday, Evangeline came along for some island adventures. Getting a bit of Vitamin Sea on a little tropical island in the Pacific. She is becoming quite the little traveler, from California, NYC to Hawaii she is ready to see the world. I found some wonderful keepsakes in stores just her size, the cute lounge chair and the choice surfboard were the perfect addition for some fun island shots!  Looking forward to see where we will land next.