Sunday, November 9, 2014

Parker, Beautiful Brown Pullip Custom Art Doll

Available for adoption here:

Meet Parker, she is my second Custom Pullip and my first beautiful Brown Pullip Art Doll.
She features lovely caramel colored skin, gorgeous shimmering blue eyes and a head of long burgundy tinted hair.

Parker is a lovely little girl who is a bit shy. She loves to read and has a fascination with maps and dreams of traveling the world. Her favorite color is yellow and she loves butterflies. I hope you have a place in your home for her.

Pullip MIO Fashion Doll
Sand Matted Front and Back Plates
Airbrushed plates and body in a warm caramel color
Carved mouth, eyes, nose, nares & philtrum
Face-up with Artists acrylics, pastels and mica powders
Lush lashes on lids and waterline
Hand painted Blue & Silver eye chips by Almond Doll
Synthetic 13" wavy wig dark brow with burgundy tinted highlights throughout

She will travel in a complete special outfit:
Dress by INOMI of Silly Little Song
Socks and shoes by Only Hearts

Notes & flaws: The MIO Kit Pullips are notorious for having sticky lid mechanisms.
The springs on the eyelids do dot react properly with the blink buttons causing the lids to have to be manually raised. This does not effect the side to side eye motion only blinking. Parkes' joints where she has range of motion are white, those areas if painted would chip out and effect her movement. The visible white joints do not deflect from her beauty as seen in the photos. If these imperfection bother you please do not purchase Parker.

*Please note that after the Art Doll is painted you must handle her with extreme care as to not damage her delicate airbrushed finish. She is for the adult collector only and should be handled lightly. Due to the nature of the materials and methods used in airbrushing and face-ups, there could be minor imperfections such as small amounts of dust, stray pastel, powders, or paint build up, they can also be slightly asymmetrical so please be aware of this if it bothers you. This is a kit doll and not factory perfect, if you are looking for a factory perfect Pullip, please do not purchase this doll.

Comes from a smoke free and pet free studio.


MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Love it! Your work is so beautiful!

Me said...

Thank you so much @MS. Bad Mama Jama!!!