Monday, November 17, 2014

Evangeline, Out of The Bag

She wants to be wild, beautiful and free just like the sea.

Out of the bag and riding along with me. 

It has been quite sometime since I have taken a Blythe out with me. This weekend as a walked through my studio, I saw my little Evangeline lying on the table. I grabbed her, changed her and stashed her in my purse before I walked out of the door.   With my family, we ran our errands and had a great lunch and then we headed to the tide pools.  We walked down  and were just taking in the beauty of the sea and then I realized, I left Evangeline in my vehicle.   
I made the trek back to my truck and grabbed Evangeline, tucked her in my bag and made my way back.  As I reached the edge of the bluff I took her out and snapped one photo with my iPhone.  Since there were others walking and loitering about I quickly put her back in my bag.  I never used to care at all about other people being around when I snapped photos of my girls, but I guess it has been so long that I have gotten rusty and my I don't care attitude got rusty as well.  I will make it a point to try and take more girls out with me from time to time and rekindle that aspect of collecting that it seems I have lost. 

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