Monday, October 13, 2014

Photographing Blythe

I started a new tab here on my blog titled "Blythe Photography".  I have had numberous people ask me over the years for tips on photographing their dolls.  I have even had a client ask me to please create a "How To Photograph Your Dolls book.  Well the easiest way to share the info is here with you all so my first post, which I first posted to Blythe Photography 101 Group on Facebook is regarding that harsh flash blowout which saturates photos and washes out your dolls.

Just wanted to share a few of my techniques for shooting indoors. I took these 4 unedited photos with my Canon 50D with a 18-55 mm lens in the same location, same distance from doll, eye level without a tripod. Each photo is very different and the only change was the way I used my flash. 

My favorite functional accessory is a simple Flash Bounce. It prevents blowout from the regular harsh flash, softens shadows and provides evenly lit shots. You can also use a white business card sized paper and just place it in front of the flash to soften your flash. As you can see each technique gives a drastically different look. The Flash Bounce from Photojojo is reasonably priced and the paper is free!!! 
This simple technique will completely change your photos and give you a more professional look. 
Hope this helps for anyone who has experienced harsh Flash Blowout problems.

I will be posting more tips photography info here from time to time.

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