Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life Aquatic, Team Zissou Member Pela Dos Santos is Ready to Sail Away!

Thank you for your interest and sweet compliments.

Based on the Brazilian Sue Jorge Character in Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic. 
Pela is a Portuguese, gun yielding, guitar playing songstress with a penchant for Bowie tunes. 
She will embark on her adventures aboard the Lil' Belafonte accompanied by her essentials including her acoustic guitar which comes in a custom Zissou monogrammed leather case, diving gear and many other special details a member of Team Zissou brings.

Complete in her standard issued Team Zissou track pants, patched shirt, red sweater cap, Glock in thigh holster and custom Adidas. 
Her pulls consist of an official Team Zissou Member Ring and a custom anchor charm with a brass seahorse. She has 2 sets of my Hand painted eye chips and 2 sets of realistic chips by Sabparos. She will sail in a custom Lil' Belafonte wooden Boat stand with the Zissou Team Flag, sliding drawer, diving supplies including fins, tank, mouth piece,snorkel and dive knife. She has paddles and a rescue dingy and a special traveling companion in a special Crayon Ponyfish. 

She will also travel with a letter from the Zissou Society Capt. Steven Zissou himself and an adoption booklet signed and dated.

Peal is a custom Petit de'jeuner Champs Elysees Blythe on a Pure Neemo Flection Body airbrushed in a dark chocolate brown with a matte velvety smooth finish. She has a Factory Black Scalp which has been cut into a blunt bob.

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