Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Ruth Handler House is on the Market


The Ruth Handler house is in 1/12th scale, perfectly fits Petite Blythe, LPS, Petite Pullips, Latti Yellow, Pico Neemo, Secret Persons and similar sized dolls.

Many hours of time, love and attention where put into this beautifully unique little home, every detail especially suited to fit. The interior design ascetic was inspired by the designs of Jonathan Adler. With a color scheme of pink, white and black the interior evokes an eclectic style, which is fun and modern. The Ghost ceiling allows for lots of light and allows you to peek in through the pink vaulted beams unobstructed. 

This beauty features two levels, and measures 24 1/2 inches tall at peek, 12 1/2 inches deep and 18 inches wide at roof eaves.

~Painted to match the actual Ruth handler House in Santa Monica, it is a shocking 
Pink, Purple with white trim and black shingled side roofs with a clear acrylic vaulted
"Ghost" vaulted ceiling.
~ Multiple windows throughout
~ Double french doors with crystal gold toned crystal handles
~ Balcony with 2 pink pots filled with palm trees
~The interior is completely white washed from floor to ceiling and has base trim moldings
~ Custom interior furnishings and accessories are included, sourced and created by many 
different miniature artists to fit the desired design aesthetic. 

Hand furnishings included as-is:
~ 1 Wooden Console with doors by Poppies Woodshop Designs
~ 1 Wooden Couch and Love Seat pink set by Poppies Woodshop Designs
~ 2 Printed Black Pillows by Miniatures From Avalon
~ 1 Wooden Black Coffee Table by Miniatures From Avalon
~ 1 Wooden Pink side table with decorative Chevron Lamp by It's Perfectly Avalon
~ 1 Wooden Black Side table with glass top by It's Perfectly Petite
~ 1 Wooden Pink Side table by Poppies Woodshop Designs
Curated pieces included as-is:
~ 1 Clear acrylic waterfall ghost table 
~ 4 Phillip Stark inspired clear acrylic Louis IV Ghost Chairs
~ 1 Clear Acrylic Ghost Chandelier 
~ 1 Black and White printed floor covering
~ 1 White rug 
~ 1 Zebra printed area rug
~ Numerous pieces of framed reproduced Barbie themed artwork, wall mirrors, books and plenty of posh accessories.

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