Friday, September 26, 2014

Yasmin's In Progress

Here are some progression shots of a Custom Commission Beautiful Brown Blythe called Yasmin that I am working on.  She is my first Blythe with teeth and with micro metal braces on top of that! The client asked for it and I tried my best to give her what she desired, it was definitely a challenge but I love the way she turned out. 
She is a custom Simply Chocolate with a Pure Neemo M Flection Body.  She has a sewn in curly human hair weft and 2 sets of hand painted eye chips by Almond Doll. Her new Jewelry Grade pull charms fit her proper. Up next a few highlights added to her curly human wefted hair and then she will be ready to travel home.

Headband by KK In Lala Land
Dress by Miss Milupka

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