Friday, September 26, 2014

Yasmin's In Progress

Here are some progression shots of a Custom Commission Beautiful Brown Blythe called Yasmin that I am working on.  She is my first Blythe with teeth and with micro metal braces on top of that! The client asked for it and I tried my best to give her what she desired, it was definitely a challenge but I love the way she turned out. 
She is a custom Simply Chocolate with a Pure Neemo M Flection Body.  She has a sewn in curly human hair weft and 2 sets of hand painted eye chips by Almond Doll. Her new Jewelry Grade pull charms fit her proper. Up next a few highlights added to her curly human wefted hair and then she will be ready to travel home.

Headband by KK In Lala Land
Dress by Miss Milupka

Princess Tiger Lily is Ready to Find a Home

Princess Tiger Lily is back from her exhibitions in Japan. 
She has been given an expressive Pure Neemo Flection S Body, her Yatabazah Luxury Mohair Wig has been flat ironed and she is now ready to have a permanent home.

Here Listing is now up on Etsy Here
Getting into this hobby of Blythe Customizing by chance and having it bring me such wonderful opportunity is an understatement. Coming off of the high of being featured in the sold out, Metamorphosis Art of Blythe Book published by CWC last year; I was asked by Junko Wong, to be a featured artist in a traveling exhibition which started at the Daikanyama Junie Moon in-store Gallery in Japan to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.
The First Exhibition was at Junie Moon Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, April 22nd - May 11th, 2014. 
The Second Exhibition was at Lele Junie Moon Gallery in Shibuya, Japan, July 26th - July 13th 2014. 

With a theme of Romantic Heroine, each Custom Blythe Art Doll submitted depicted heroines from movies and novels. I created a very special custom Blythe Art Doll reflecting one of my personal favorite stories and happen to feature wonderful characters that reflect the Romantic Heroine Theme. Now back from Japan, she is ready to travel and see the world. It is my hope that she will bring you joy.

Introducing my interpretation of Princess Tiger Lily, from the beloved and cherished book, Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. She is a beautiful stoic girl who is immensely loyal, brave and strong. 
She features carving indicative of Native American features, on an expressive Pure Neemo Flection S Body. 
She wears a hand sewn leather suede wardrobe with a fringed belted smock dress, shawl headband, moccasin boots, turquoise chocker and two headdresses, one with a turquoise suede headband with a printed Eagle feather and the other is her Princess Crown Headdress topped with multi colored feathers on a suede headband. 
She has an exclusive rare, soft jet black mohair wig by Yatabazah Luxury Wigs which can be curled or flat ironed. 
She features Jewelry Grade Pulls charms in Turquoise and Silver and the other an authentic hand carved Stone Arrowhead with wooden beads on waxed twine. 
She has four sets of hand painted eye chips in Black Castle, Brown Boots, Pixie Green and Mermaid Lagoon Blue. 
She proudly stands atop a handcrafted Indian tribal drum on a diorama featuring 2 birch twig wigwams and 1 birch and canvas wigwam with a fur skin floor covering, a Dream Catcher and feather beads on a Cedar plank with bark trim.

She will also travel with an Adoption Booklet signed and dated.

~~~This Art Doll is for the Adult collector only. She is a handmade Art Doll and not factory perfect. Any imperfections you may notice are a result of the handmade process and due to the nature of materials and methods used in creating my faceups, there could possibly be minor imperfections such as small amounts of dust, stray pastel, sanding blems or paint build up, so please be aware of this if it bothers you.

*Due to her custom paint work, she is very delicate and should always be handled with great care as not to damage her airbrushed finish. 

*Comes from a completely smoke free and pet free environment.

To view more photos of this listing, please copy and paste link into browser:

Please contact me if interested in making payments.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Special Re-Sale Adoption Opportunity

Angelique is a special little one custom Commissioned for a client over a year ago who sadly has to let her go. I have never assisted a re-listing of my customs before but the client reached out to me because she wants her to have a loving home that will show her attention. 

Angelique was one of my customs featured in the Book Metamorphosis Art of Blythe last year. She will be visiting my studio soon for a little refresher which means more photos of this cutie coming soon.

If you have room or have wanted to add some color to your collection please let me know so I can put you in touch with her current owner. Contact me via my Facebook Page 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dolly Shelf Sunday on Tuesday!

Okay so I am a few days late, but better late than never. Three Takara beauties on the shelf on Sunday. From left Becca a custom Birdy Blue SBL (Ellewoods Custom) with a gorgeous Unicorn Mine Angora Skinny Scalp , Luna a custom Heather Sky (KK In Lala Land Custom) with a My Little Candy Scalp , and Lola a custom Simply Mango (custom by me) with a Yatabazah Luxury Wig. All glowing and gorgeous on the shelf above my desk in the studio wearing Shershe hand knit dresses and a lovely heart Kidsilk sweater by Oh Chiwawa .

Lola Loves Stripes

Lola Bella loves to wear stripes. I needed a theme of stripes for my FMS Photo Challenge and Lola meet the criteria perfectly.  She is wearing Takara Stock with a Petticoat by Maudib05.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Ruth Handler House is on the Market


The Ruth Handler house is in 1/12th scale, perfectly fits Petite Blythe, LPS, Petite Pullips, Latti Yellow, Pico Neemo, Secret Persons and similar sized dolls.

Many hours of time, love and attention where put into this beautifully unique little home, every detail especially suited to fit. The interior design ascetic was inspired by the designs of Jonathan Adler. With a color scheme of pink, white and black the interior evokes an eclectic style, which is fun and modern. The Ghost ceiling allows for lots of light and allows you to peek in through the pink vaulted beams unobstructed. 

This beauty features two levels, and measures 24 1/2 inches tall at peek, 12 1/2 inches deep and 18 inches wide at roof eaves.

~Painted to match the actual Ruth handler House in Santa Monica, it is a shocking 
Pink, Purple with white trim and black shingled side roofs with a clear acrylic vaulted
"Ghost" vaulted ceiling.
~ Multiple windows throughout
~ Double french doors with crystal gold toned crystal handles
~ Balcony with 2 pink pots filled with palm trees
~The interior is completely white washed from floor to ceiling and has base trim moldings
~ Custom interior furnishings and accessories are included, sourced and created by many 
different miniature artists to fit the desired design aesthetic. 

Hand furnishings included as-is:
~ 1 Wooden Console with doors by Poppies Woodshop Designs
~ 1 Wooden Couch and Love Seat pink set by Poppies Woodshop Designs
~ 2 Printed Black Pillows by Miniatures From Avalon
~ 1 Wooden Black Coffee Table by Miniatures From Avalon
~ 1 Wooden Pink side table with decorative Chevron Lamp by It's Perfectly Avalon
~ 1 Wooden Black Side table with glass top by It's Perfectly Petite
~ 1 Wooden Pink Side table by Poppies Woodshop Designs
Curated pieces included as-is:
~ 1 Clear acrylic waterfall ghost table 
~ 4 Phillip Stark inspired clear acrylic Louis IV Ghost Chairs
~ 1 Clear Acrylic Ghost Chandelier 
~ 1 Black and White printed floor covering
~ 1 White rug 
~ 1 Zebra printed area rug
~ Numerous pieces of framed reproduced Barbie themed artwork, wall mirrors, books and plenty of posh accessories.

Visit the listing here: