Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Time Lapse of Mendl's Patisserie Play Scale Diorama

Here is a little time lapse fun of me setting up the Mendl's Play Scale Diorama. I have now completed the flooring, walls and the door in place. So I wanted to see how it all looks together so far. Still more little did bits to complete.

Here is Agatha from a scene in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Agatha's Special Mendl's Glass Eye Chips.

Agatha's Pulls of a Mendl's Box and metal Key and a Courtesan au Chocolate with silver measuring Spoon Set. The Mendl's Box and Courtesan au Chocolate Box is by Sweet Stella Designs.

Agatha's Courtesan au Chocolate Plate Signature

Zero walking the halls of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Zero's Mendl's Box Plate Signature

 Nothing like being a Lobby Boy at The Grand Budapest Hotel, it's an institution.

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