Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jarah, Beautiful Brown Icy Custom

Jarah, her name means "God's given sweetness or honey".  She is a custom Arker Icy Coser Colette Doll. 

She features a WOL Body and a head full of glorious long 13" honey blonde curls. A truly unique little girl, she is of Melanesian decent, from the Solomon Islands of Oceania.  

Jarah's Hand Painted Eye chips; Right Gaze in Bali Blue; Right Gaze in Gleaming Green :Front Gaze in Forest Green and Amber Glow.  She has chocolate brown matte lids and lush lashes.  Jarah's Jewelry Grade Pull Charms evoke a feeling of earthiness featuring Blue Glazed Ceramic and Stripped Amber Wooden Beads, with a touch of Antiqued Gold Tone Beads with Metal Antiqued Gold Toned Feathers.
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Robotica said...

This doll is so beautiful. Basing her on the Melassian people is a great idea. Very original. I've never seen anyone do this before.