Saturday, May 24, 2014

Agatha & Zero Mustafa, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Continuing my obsession with Wes Anderson, here is a sneak peek of work in progress. Agatha, an Apprentice Pastry Girl at Mendl's Patisserie and Zero Mustafa, a Junior Lobby Boy in Training at The Grand Budapest Hotel who find love.  This room box diorama will recreate a scene right from the movie.  More  goodness and magical details to come including a special collaboration providing the wardrobe for Agatha & Zero.

Agatha is a custom SimplyVanilla Blythe Doll and will have a custom Patty Paris Alpaca Scalp. Zero is a custom Little Big Eyes Doll Series 2 with original scalp cut and styled. He already has 4 sets of my HandPainted Eye Chips and with this doll there are not strings, the eyes change with the push of a button on the back of his head. I have yet to decide on the bodies I will use for them, either Licca's or Pure Neemos.  

The diorama will feature the Mendl's kitchen. I have been aquiring the perfect miniature treats from some talented artists and creating the mini boxes and paper goods etc...  I have laid and stained the wood flooring and will add venetian plaster to the walls next. 


Alan said...

I had no idea Little Big Eyes made such great custom boys. I was thinking of using a Basaak or ICY doll for the custom boy I had in mind but I'll keep my eye out for a LBE now.

Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis said...


But a Dmitri doll would be loveliest! :<

Me said...

@Alan, thank you, I was surprised how great the Little Big Eyes turned out. They have such big features. Te button is a bit different from pulls but worked out nicely.

Me said...

@Dmitri, Thank you, maybe one day I will create a Dmitiri aswell!

Juliana Castriota said...

Hi, Do you make this beautiful dolls for sale?