Saturday, May 24, 2014

Agatha & Zero Mustafa, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Continuing my obsession with Wes Anderson, here is a sneak peek of work in progress. Agatha, an Apprentice Pastry Girl at Mendl's Patisserie and Zero Mustafa, a Junior Lobby Boy in Training at The Grand Budapest Hotel who find love.  This room box diorama will recreate a scene right from the movie.  More  goodness and magical details to come including a special collaboration providing the wardrobe for Agatha & Zero.

Agatha is a custom SimplyVanilla Blythe Doll and will have a custom Patty Paris Alpaca Scalp. Zero is a custom Little Big Eyes Doll Series 2 with original scalp cut and styled. He already has 4 sets of my HandPainted Eye Chips and with this doll there are not strings, the eyes change with the push of a button on the back of his head. I have yet to decide on the bodies I will use for them, either Licca's or Pure Neemos.  

The diorama will feature the Mendl's kitchen. I have been aquiring the perfect miniature treats from some talented artists and creating the mini boxes and paper goods etc...  I have laid and stained the wood flooring and will add venetian plaster to the walls next. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Romantic Heroine Custom Blythe Art Dolls are now Available On Line at Junie Moon!!

Hand Stitched Sueded Leather Smock dress, Belt and Shawl 
with handcrafted Moccasin Boots, Headband and Turquoise Necklace.

He clothing is based off of the Disney Version in Peter Pan

She has 4 sets of My signature Hand Painted Eye Chips

Jewelry Grade Pull Charms consisting of turquoise and silver, 
Hand carved Stone Arrowhead on waxed twine with real wooden beads.

For more details and purchase information please click link below!
Princess Tiger Lily is now available on line via the Junie Moon Shop Japan!

Suzy has 2 sets of My Signature Hand Painted Eye Chips and 
1 set of Takara Special Stock Chips and 1 set of CoolCat Smooth Chips

Sam has 3 sets of My Hand Painted Eye Chips and 1 Set of IXtee Blue Chips

The Moonrise Kingdom Diorama was created in 1/6th Scale and they both can fit inside of the tent. The Stand is covered in sand with a waterlined edge that meets the forest.

The map flowers and all other accessories are included with the set.

Side by Side of Sam Shakusky

Side by Side of Suzy Bishop

For more details and purchase information please click link below!
Sam & Suzy are now available on line via Junie Moon Shop Japan!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Romantic Heroine Exhibition Dolls Available Online Soon!

The dolls exhibited for the “Romantic Heroine” Gallery Show will be going on sale at the Junie Moon Online Shop! The sale date will be different for those purchasing from within Japan and for those purchasing from outside of Japan.

May 15th (Thu)~ : Junie Moon Online Shop (Japan exclusive)
May 19th (Mon)~ : Junie Moon International Online Shop (For foreign countries)

The 3 Art Dolls with dioramas I created were crafted with love and extreme attention to detail especially for this installation.

The Romantic Heroine Exhibition will continue until May 11. The dolls will be available for purchase at the Daikanyama Junie Moon store until then!! Take this opportunity to check them out!

Live in Color!

A group shot of some of the Blythes' of Color that are leaving to travel to their new homes this week.
From left: Autumn, Micah, Cassidy , Lydia, Celine with Miellat and Evangeline.

Custom Blythe Love

I just wanted to share a few Custom Blythes from our Collection who I fear have been a bit neglected and are in need of some serious lens time. Both of these beautiful girls were created by 2 talented and sweet artists that I am so lucky enough to call dear friends of mine

This is Becca, my daughters Elle Woods Custom Birdie Blue SBL commissioned 3 years ago. Becca is a very special girl you see my daughter won her at our very 1st Blythe meet in a contest.  My daughter adored Ell Woods Custom Blythes and asked her personally if she would be willing to customized her newly acquired Blythe and Lindsey who was so sweet to her agreed. Lindsey worked with my daughter asking her everything she wanted her Birdie Blue to look like and Becca was born.   Becca has a Cashmere Mohair Skinnyscalp by Unicorn Mine and hand painted eye chips by G. Baby. 
Dress by Angel Yim, Hair Bow by Uttermabness

 Little Leon is a very special girl to me, she is a custom Blythe by Lunita. Lunita's Customs inspired me to create my own custom Beautiful Brown Blythes'. Her Blythes' of color looks so different than the few others I had seen in the community. Her customs were so beautiful, soft and feminine,  not at all offensive or exaggerated in any way. She just celebrated the darker skin tone on her girls and enhanced their beauty with a simplistic approach to carving, hair style and color.  I appreciated what she created and reached out to her and she was always ton try sweet and helpful to me. Lunita no longer creates Blythe of Color so I am so happy to be able to have this little one in my own collection.
Dress by Photos4Sue Dollhouse by Poppies Woodshop Designs