Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sam & Suzy | Moonrise Kingdom Custom Blythe Art Dolls Travel in Style

Sam, Suzy & accessories will travel in their very own yellow suitcases and with an information Beeklet signed and dates. Each yellow case is embellished with photos, custom stickers and a booklet adorned with ceramic pins all by the Confetti Monster.

Such kind words shared with me from Junko Wong via my Delicious Bliss on Facebook:

"Moonrise Kingdom is a favorite film for many creative Japanese women. Your choice was a real delight! And picking Tiger Lily was another wonderful surprise. The diorama, the set is blowing our minds!! There are props inside the tent, too! If I could will myself to be Blythe size, I shall just crawl into the tent for a nap. It looks so cozy... The details on Sam's boy scout outfit must have taken forever! Kyi, what a wonderful presentation. Totally amazing."

 Sam & Suzy are on exhibition and available for sale at the "Romantic Heroine" Installation at the Junie Moon Gallery, Tokyo, Japan now through May 11th, 2014. 
Contact Junie Moon for further information and visit

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