Saturday, April 19, 2014

Micah Before & After

Micah came to me from my dear friend La Rose. She wanted to give her newly adopted Blythe who had a glorious head of dark brown fluffy mohair a more multi ethnic look.   She was a darling girl to begin with. She had not been carved but she had some freckles and new blush and lip color. Her lashes had been replaced and had stock eye chips.  I sanded her down and carved a pouty cheeked cutie with full lips and opened her gaze by carving her inner eye sockets.  She was given a round button nose and I accentuated her cleft chin.  She was painted a few times, the first run she ended up looking a but too mature than what I had extended so I had to repaint her.  She is now a glowing caramel color with a few sparse beauty marks. She had a blush of plum across her chefs nose and contour and a plum stained pout.   I dyed her scalp and mohair to a rich brown which really makes her few strands of light brown pop. She has thick lush lashes and 2 sets of G Baby Hand Painted Eye Chips and 2 sets of my signature Hand painted Ey Chips.  She has yummy Jelly Candy Twiggy Twiggy pull rings with colored bars on a blue sating ribbon.  She has a Pure Neemo Flection XS body which I feel fits her youthful look perfectly. This little one has really been brought to life and is full of personality.  Micah can not wait to journey back home with her new look.

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