Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Junie Moon Gallery "Romantic Heroine" Exhibition Sam & Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom

Sam & Suzy will be a set of Custom Blythe Dolls I have created for the Junie Moon Gallery Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan this week.  They feature a custom Diorama of the Moonrise Kingdom Cove complete with a platform and tent.

The "Romantic Heroine" Exhibition will run from April 22nd through May11th, 2014 at the Junie Moon Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.  The exhibition will feature 8 International artist who were also featured artists in the Metamorphosis Art of Blythe Book including myself, Melacasia, Trio, Hola Gaminola, Stable House, Mab Graves G. Baby Dolls and Erregiro. The works will be available after April 26th for purchase, please contact Junie Moon for further information.
See more photos and details of these two HERE

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