Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Custom Beautiful Brown Middie Blythe Lydia Green


Custom Beautiful Brown Middie Blythe Lydia Green.  She is a curious little girl who loves reading mystery books and writing in her journal. She has a flare for the whimsical and loves to go on mystery hunting adventures.  With a bit of mischief, Lydia is always thinking of a prank or sneaking up on you. 
She is a Middie Blythe Lydia Green on a Pure Neemo XS body. She is a perfect shade of glowing brown with tiny little freckles. Big eyes of onyx and the blush of her cheeks and nose with a bit of a smile across her tiny pink lips and  long dark brown hair with bangs. She will travel in her tartan dress with bunny mask, red socks and original shipper box.  Now available at My Delicious Bliss