Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sneak Peek ~ Junie Moon 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Getting into this hobby of Blythe Customizing by chance and having it bring me such wonderful opportunity is an understatement.  Coming off of the high of being featured in the sold out, Metamorphosis Art of Blythe Book published by CWC last year;  I have been asked by Junko Wong, once again to now be a featured artist for an exhibition at the Daikanyama Junie Moon in-store Gallery in Japan to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.
The exhibition is scheduled to begin April 22nd - May 11th, 2014.  After the exhibition the works will be available for purchase after April 26th.  With a theme of Romantic Heroine, each Custom Blythe Art Doll submitted shall depict heroines from movies and novels.  I have created 3 very special custom Blythe Art Dolls reflecting 2 of my personal favorite stories and happen to feature wonderful characters that reflect the Romantic Heroine Theme.   
The first, is Princess Tiger Lily, from the beloved and cherished book, Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.  She is a beautiful stoic girl who is immensely loyal, brave and strong.  She features carving indicative of Native American features, a hand sewn sueded leather wardrobe with a fringed belted smock dress, shawl headband and moccasin boots with turquoise chocker . She proudly stands atop a handcrafted Indian drum on a diorama featuring her Birch and canvas wigwam home, Dream Catcher and feather beads on a Cedar plank with bark trim.

My second presentation is a set featuring Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop from the Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom.  Inspired by the undetermined love of these characters and their eccentric pubescent love I could not have created one without the other.  With great attention to detail I have brought these characters to life.  Depicted in the wardrobe synonymous with each, they feature carving and many accessories that make these two undeniably Sam & Suzy.  They are presented on a grand Diorama Stand featuring the Moonrise Kingdom Cove complete with  a shoreline, wooden platform pier and tent.

I am so honored and amazed to realize my Art Dolls will be on exhibition and up for sale in The Junie Moon Gallery in Japan. It is a surreal moment and one that I do not take lightly. I have put so much work and love into each of these Blythe Art Dolls and I hope that you will find them as beautiful as I do.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Prayers for Malaysia Flight MH370

All of my prayers & sympathies go out to the friends & families of the passengers of Malaysia Flight MH370.

Celine, Custom Blythe is available for adoption

Introducing Celine, my latest Beautiful Brown Blythe creation. Celine is a custom Petit de'jeuner Champs Elysees on a Pure Neemo Flection body. She will travel in her stock blue blouse, yellow gingham dress, hat and white heels. She will also come in her original shipper.
She is a fully customized 
Carved Button Nose
Carved Nares
Carved Philtrum
Carved Mouth
Carved Chin
Carved Sockets
Ethnic Painted Faceplates both front and back, Dome and Eye Mechanism and body
New Lush Lashes
Boogled Eyes
Sleepy Eyes
Make-up applied consisting of 
Chalk Pastels, Pencils, Acrylics and Mica Powders 
Splatter and Dot freckles mix in various shades of brown to shimmering copper.
Painted freckles
Varnished Glossed Lips
Sealed with MSC 
Featuring My New OOAK Signature Hand Painted Eye Chips In rich, warm colors.
~Forward Facing in Onyx & Blue (with Large Pupil) 
~Right Facing in Green Shimmer
~Left Facing special Takara Stock ship in an amber color 
Soft stock scalp
Washed, Conditioning Treatment and trim
Jewelry Grade Silver and glass charms featuring the Eiffel Tower and pink crystal encrusted heart

She will come with a passport and an Adoption Booklet signed and dated.
~~~This Art Doll is for the Adult collector only. She is a handmade Art Doll and not factory perfect. Any imperfections you may notice are a result of the handmade process and due to the nature of materials and methods used in creating my faceups, there could possibly be minor imperfections such as small amounts of dust, stray pastel, sanding blems or paint build up, so please be aware of this if it bothers you.
*Due to her custom paint work, she is very delicate and should always be handled with great care as not to damage her painted finish. 
*Comes from a completely smoke free and pet free environment.

Lydia Green has found a home

Happy to announce that Lydia will be traveling to her new home in sunny Florida, USA soon. Thank you all for your interest in Lydia. Another Middie will be coming soon to the shop!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Throwing back on this Thursday to our Blythe collection around this time last year. Some have moved on to travel the world and others are still hanging around. I will get around to taking another photo of my collection as it stands today soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Custom Beautiful Brown Neo Blythe Petit de'jeuner Champs Elysees

I am happy to introduce to you, Celine. She is a custom  Neo Blythe Petit de'jeuner Champs Elysees on a Pure Neemo Flection S body.  She is a lovely, polite and graceful proper little lady.  She enjoys gardening and going on picnics in the park. She has gorgeous red brown hair with bangs, lush lashes with her freckled cheeks and lips kissed pink by the sun.  She has 3 sets of hand painted eye chips and one special Takara Stock honey golden chips.  She has a distinctive pout with a bit of a hidden smile.  Celine will travel with her stock blouse and dress with hat and shoes in her original shipper box.

Custom Beautiful Brown Middie Blythe Lydia Green


Custom Beautiful Brown Middie Blythe Lydia Green.  She is a curious little girl who loves reading mystery books and writing in her journal. She has a flare for the whimsical and loves to go on mystery hunting adventures.  With a bit of mischief, Lydia is always thinking of a prank or sneaking up on you. 
She is a Middie Blythe Lydia Green on a Pure Neemo XS body. She is a perfect shade of glowing brown with tiny little freckles. Big eyes of onyx and the blush of her cheeks and nose with a bit of a smile across her tiny pink lips and  long dark brown hair with bangs. She will travel in her tartan dress with bunny mask, red socks and original shipper box.  Now available at My Delicious Bliss

Friday, March 7, 2014

Eclectic Bohemian Neo Blythe Cottage Dollhouse

The aesthetic of this custom Commissioned Neo Blythe Cottage embodies a lifestyle -- a very particular free-spirited, bohemian existence in which warm stained woods, vintage flea market finds, pops of color and sumptuously cozy bed linens figure prominently.  Constructed by Poppie's Woodshop Designs, it features a red mahogany stained shingled cedar roof with interior exposed beams 1 main room and a loft. The lofts flooring is hand laid birch planks given a rustic finish. The main floor has deep stained poplar flooring with 2 windows and a real brick fireplace. The interior finishing and decorations were collected and styled by me featuring some lovely handcrafted pieces by BlinkyDoll