Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ione, OOAK Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom #26

Introducing Ione, My 1st custom of the New Year, 2014. She is a custom Wendy Weekender on a Pure Neemo Flection body.  She is the first of her kind for me being that she has the ability to Wink her eyes.  It is a tedious process and is really unique and cute for photos.  She has 3 beautiful Signature Hand Painted Eye Chips and the original Wendy Weekender Special Brown set. She has the perfect pout and her lips have a perfectly stained plum finish. Ione had gilded golden lids and waterline brushed with a pink shimmer that is also shadowed around her entire eye. She has a pink blush to the apples of her cheeks, bridge of her nose, and contoured around her chin and temples.  
An added bound to this little one is her traveling attire. She comes in a gorgeous Sweet Princes Dress by Angel Yim which was a special Blythecon NY Limited Edition Dress, it is in a baroque print in gleaming hues of gold and turquoise with delicate pink stitching finished with a pink rosette and golden bow. The dress is accented with a Miss Milupka Pink Tulle Collar.  She also comes in cream colored fishnets and pink peep toed strapped heals. I also peirced her ears and she wears delicate soft pink pearls studs.  She also has a few roses for her hair.  She will be available for adoption this Friday, January 10th. View her campaign.

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