Friday, January 17, 2014

Etta, Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom Art Doll #27

Introducing Little Miss Etta.  Etta is my 2nd Custom of the New Year but the 1st of this color. I mixed some paints and got this dark velvety complexion that I really love.  Her color really makes her eye chips pop, she has 3 sets of my Signature Hand Painted Chips and one set of Stock Takara Chips. 
She is an RBL mold on a Pure Neemo A Type Body with a fixed wig attached to dome of bright golden curls.  She is sweet and sassy and ready to go. She will be available in the shop tomorrow. Etta will travel in this Handmade One of a Kind Dress Set by Sleep Forever.  It was made with all vintage fabrics and there will not be anymore made like it. FOR ADOPTION at My Delicious Bliss today at 12 NOON PST.  See her campaign here.


Issabella The Cat said...

what a beautiful girl, her complexion is just lovely with her hint of blush :)

Me said...

Thank you so much, I appreciate that!