Wednesday, January 22, 2014


movie:ryosuke uchijima music:tetsu nakahori model:Blythe©2013 Hasbro.

Photo:... Blythe is a trademark of Hasbro © 2013 Hasbro All rights reserved Licensed by Hasbro.
Blythe & TISCH Photos Courtesy Spur Magazine

A larger than life Blythe Doll has taken over the pages of Spur Magazine, in a 6 page Editorial.  Photographed by TISCH, the photographs tell a story of Blythe on the scenic country side at the foot of Mount Fuji.  Fashioned in pieces from Bottega Veneta's Ready to Wear 2013/2014 Collection.  

The Special Life Sized Blythe Doll will appear in the Windows of The Bottega Veneta Ginza and Omotesando stores in February.  She will also travel to the New York, Paris, London and Milan stores to grace their Display Windows within the year. 

We always new Blythe was a fashion forward trend setter, a real stand out. Having Blythe represent Bottega Veneta in this campaign demonstrates the company's out of the ordinary views.  Inviting Blythe to be part of their campaign would garnish the attention of the distinct type of person they want to see in their product.  Bravo Bottega Veneta!

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