Wednesday, January 22, 2014


movie:ryosuke uchijima music:tetsu nakahori model:Blythe©2013 Hasbro.

Photo:... Blythe is a trademark of Hasbro © 2013 Hasbro All rights reserved Licensed by Hasbro.
Blythe & TISCH Photos Courtesy Spur Magazine

A larger than life Blythe Doll has taken over the pages of Spur Magazine, in a 6 page Editorial.  Photographed by TISCH, the photographs tell a story of Blythe on the scenic country side at the foot of Mount Fuji.  Fashioned in pieces from Bottega Veneta's Ready to Wear 2013/2014 Collection.  

The Special Life Sized Blythe Doll will appear in the Windows of The Bottega Veneta Ginza and Omotesando stores in February.  She will also travel to the New York, Paris, London and Milan stores to grace their Display Windows within the year. 

We always new Blythe was a fashion forward trend setter, a real stand out. Having Blythe represent Bottega Veneta in this campaign demonstrates the company's out of the ordinary views.  Inviting Blythe to be part of their campaign would garnish the attention of the distinct type of person they want to see in their product.  Bravo Bottega Veneta!

Blythe New Release: Charlotte des Fleur

Looking forward to see how this adorable illustration comes to life.
She is such a cutie!
Neo Blythe "Charlotte des Fleur"
Charlotte's a dainty flower fairy girl.
She is a Radiant Blythe
With long wavy pink hair with bangs,
Pink blush and lips with a light green shadow.
She wears a sheer pink dress with a floral applique sweater 
with thigh high Blue socks and pink bowed shoes. 
Available March 2014
for $159.00 US

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Metamorphosis Art of Blythe Talk Show!

To celebrate the grand opening of LELE Junie Moon in Shibuya,  Junko Wong  had a live panel discussion with some of the select customizing artists featured in "Metamorphosis - Art of Blythe- " book.  The panel discussion featured the following Japanese speaking artists from the book Metamorphosis: Mitsubashi @ baby bee, Miyuki Odani, Kinokotti, Leonidas, Tokyo Rose Eric and Junko Wong, the  curator of the book. The discussion covered  topics about customizing to introducing individual signature styles by the artists.  Junko lead the discussion with questions from the interviews given to the artists during the editing of the book.  The hour long panel event took place on October 12, 2013,  followed by an Autograph session. There was a live feed via Junko Wong's blog.  

Junko Wong and the panel of Artists with my photograph of  
the Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom Evangeline

Junko Wong and the panel of Artists with my photograph of  
the Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom Georgia.

Here is the Metamorphosis Art of Blythe Talk Show via Kait on Vimeo.  It is entirely in Japanese, I hope to one day join in on a panel with the English speaking artist as well. I was happy to see a few photographs of my customs as Featured in the book Metamorphosis Art of Blythe.  I was invited to participate in the the upcoming Metamorphosis Art of Blythe Exhibition in Japan. I am not certain  I will attend but I am happy to announce I will have some of my customs on Exhibition at  Junie Moon in May this year.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Product Loving! Sewing Love by Tania

Today I wanted to share one of my very favorite Etsy shops, Sewing Love by Tania.  Tania Leite of Lisbon Portugal creates wonderfully constructed handmade items for Blythe.  From hand knitted caps to delicate dress sets, her fabrics and attention to detail set her apart. One of the unique features to her shop is that she often offers dresses that compliment each other. I have lots of sisters and they look great in her coordinating dress sets. She has versatile collections from romantic to geometric prints, she  always has a beautiful variety of styles in her shop. I have also fallen for her great beanie caps with poms, cable knits and embellishments, so cute and a staple in my girls wardrobe.  Sewing Love by Tania is a shop with wonderful fashions,  even more wonderful prices that will leave you wanting more! On top of all that,  Tania is an awesome person, who is so kind and a joy to do business with.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Etta, Beautiful Brown Blythe Custom Art Doll #27

Introducing Little Miss Etta.  Etta is my 2nd Custom of the New Year but the 1st of this color. I mixed some paints and got this dark velvety complexion that I really love.  Her color really makes her eye chips pop, she has 3 sets of my Signature Hand Painted Chips and one set of Stock Takara Chips. 
She is an RBL mold on a Pure Neemo A Type Body with a fixed wig attached to dome of bright golden curls.  She is sweet and sassy and ready to go. She will be available in the shop tomorrow. Etta will travel in this Handmade One of a Kind Dress Set by Sleep Forever.  It was made with all vintage fabrics and there will not be anymore made like it. FOR ADOPTION at My Delicious Bliss today at 12 NOON PST.  See her campaign here.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blythe New Release: Middie Blythe Lydia Green

I am so happy I pre-ordered this cutie back in early December! 
This is Middie Blythe Doll Lydia Green.
I was really drawn to her hair and the thought of how lovely she would transformed into a beautiful Brown Middie Blythe!
She has lovely, long dark brown hair with bangs. 
She wears brown shadow with pink cheeks and lips. 
She has fair skin with light green eyes.
She wears a green and purple tartan dress with a contrasting white collar.  
Red knee socks and black Mary Janes
With a two sided mask, suitcase and pretty blue stand.
I can not wait to get her in February. 

$125.00 US }  Release Date February 2014 } Pre-Order now at C.C.T Concept Toys or 
February 14th at  Junie Moon

Photo & Product Information Courtesy Hasbro

Monday, January 13, 2014

Congratulations to a Fellow Blythe Admirer

Congratulations to a fellow Blythe Admirer Amy Adams for her Best Actress Win at the Golden Globes last night! This photo was taken at our Blythe Meet in Central Park. Amy wanted a photo with little Misfortunata!
Photo Courtesy of the incomparable Fiddybobiddy

Saturday, January 11, 2014


It is that time for a GIVEAWAY!
My Delicious Bliss 1,000 LIKES GiVEWAYA to be exact!

Enter to win this completely furnished Delicious Display Trunk. DOLLS ARE NOT INCLUDED used to show scale only.

What is included you ask?
~ Decoupaged Cardboard Box filled with
~ Wooden Fireplace with braided molding, hearth and mantel
~ Brass Fireplace Log Carrier
~ Wooden Lux High Back Chair, upholstered seat & throw
~ Wooden Side table/trunk topped with
~ Wooden Serving Tray & ceramic teapot set
~ 4 Wall hangings.
~ Golden Hanging Chandelier
~ Potted Floral arrangement
~ 2 Floor coverings made of doilie and Hankerchief runner
~ 1 Floor made of card stock
~ Miniature doll house
~ Ballerina Figure
~ Cherub Bust
~ Gold caraf
~ 2 Leather covered books
~Base trimmed with with lace ribbon & walls decorating with
a paper bunting.

To win all of this Deliciousness, all you have to do is follow
3 simple steps. All steps are required to be entered to win.

Step 1: Like This Post on The My Delicious Bliss Customs FaceBook Page
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Step 3: Share this post on your FaceBook Page.

You have until January 25th to Enter the Giveaway.

I will chose 1 winner and announce it here in this post and on a separate Post and contact the winner personally.

Thank you all so much and good luck!
Hugs, Kyi

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ione Skye is Ready to Fly!

Introducing Ione, my first custom for the New Year 2014. She is a custom Wendy Weekender Takara FBL on a Pure Neemo Flection body. She is the first of her kind for me being that she has the ability to wink her eyes. It was a tedious process and is a really unique feature and has an additional string looped to move the mechanism. This allows her to have a very expressive face and movement of the eyes for photos. Please be advised she is not like any other custom Blythe, her Wink eye mechanism is a different movement from the usual custom with sleep eye added. It is more loss and needs extra time to get the eyes like you want. 

She has been carved with a little pouty lips with a perfectly stained plum finish. She has gilded golden lids and waterline brushed with a pink shimmer that is also shadowed around her entire eye. With pink blushing to the apples of her cheeks, bridge of her nose and contoured around her chin and temples. She has the original Wendy Weekender Minty scalp that has been treated and trimmed.
Ione will travel in some very special attire. 
She comes in a lovely Sweet Princess Dress by Angel Yim which was a special Blythe Con NY Limited Edition. The dress is in a baroque print in gleaming hues of gold and blue with a delicate pink stitching, finished with a pink rosette and gold bow accent. 
She also has a Miss Milupka pink tulle collar, cream fishnets and pink peep toed strap heals pink mini pearl earrings. Ione loves roses and will have a few for her hair.

She is a fully customized 
~ CWC Takara FBL Wendy Weekender
~ On aPure Neemo Flection S Body

Carved Button Nose
Carved Nares
Carved Philtrum
Carved Mouth
Carved Chin
Carved Sockets
Ethnic Painted Face plates both front, back and body
New Light Lashes
Boogled Eyes
Sleepy Eyes
Wink Eyes*
Pierced Ears
Make-up applied consisting of 
Chalk Pastels, Pencils, Acrylics and Mica Powders 
Varnished Glossed Lips
Sealed with MSC 
~ Lids and water line painted in a rustic gilded gold finish with a slight pink sparkle
~Forward Facing:Signature Hand Painted Emerald Shimmer & Takara Special Brown
~Right Facing: Signature Hand Painted Gleaming Blue
~Left Facing: Signature Hand Painted in Bordeaux Purple
Original Wendy Weekender Minty Blue Green Scalp
Washed, Conditioning Treatment and trim
Twiggy Twiggy Custom Pull Charms in Milky Blue on Blue satin ribbons adorned with 
clear and pink beads.

She will come with a passport and an Adoption Booklet signed and dated.

~~~This Art Doll is for the Adult collector only. Anandi is a handmade Art Doll and not factory perfect. Any imperfections you may notice are a result of the handmade process and due to the nature of materials and methods used in creating my faceups, there could possibly be minor imperfections such as small amounts of dust, stray pastel, sanding blems or paint buildup, so please be aware of this if it bothers you.

*Due to her custom paint work, she is very delicate and should always be handled with great care as not to damage her finish.
*Ione's Wink Eye function transitions differently from a standard Sleep Eye Change. You will have to use your finger tip at times to change eye gaze and it enables you to give her a surprised or tired expression.

*Comes from a completely smoke free and pet free environment.

To view more photos of this listing, please copy and paste link into browser:

*********************PAYMENT PLANS ACCEPTED************************

PLAN 1: 2 Payments of $487.50 paid over 1 month
PLAN 2: 4 Payments of $243.75 paid over 2 months

*** Product purchase is not refundable.*** 

Thank you or visiting!! Hugs, Kyi