Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ansley Petite Cottage Dollhouse

This lovely Ansley Petite Cottage Dollhouse constructed by Poppies Woodshop Designs was created for a 9 year old in South Carolina. We hope she will be overjoyed when she opens this gift on Christmas morning.  Filled with special details every were you turn.  The house is decorated for Christmas with a flocked tree in Ansley's favorite colors of blue and purple sitting in a movable red wagon. Under the tree is an array of wrapped gift boxes and a miniature dollhouse.  The hutch is topped with a sugar plum fairy, wreath, mini tree, sleigh and a pink birdhouse with a blue bird inside.  A ginger bread house and miniature boxed Blythe also sit on the counter.   Her bed is topped with pink and white linens and pillows and her side table is topped with ginger bread cookies, a ceramic tea set, flowers in a vase and a silver framed portrait.  Finishings such as the window valence and drapes, framed wall art and a mirror and a metal and crystal chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling rafters. Ansley is a little film maker who enjoys bringing her LPS to life by creating mini movies. We are hoping this little space will offer her the perfect backdrop for her moving making.  The LPS Blythe is wearing Hasbro Sweater and shoes and Skirt by Taylor Couture


Imago said...

how cute & lovely :)

Me said...

Thank you so much!