Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ansley Petite Cottage Dollhouse

This lovely Ansley Petite Cottage Dollhouse constructed by Poppies Woodshop Designs was created for a 9 year old in South Carolina. We hope she will be overjoyed when she opens this gift on Christmas morning.  Filled with special details every were you turn.  The house is decorated for Christmas with a flocked tree in Ansley's favorite colors of blue and purple sitting in a movable red wagon. Under the tree is an array of wrapped gift boxes and a miniature dollhouse.  The hutch is topped with a sugar plum fairy, wreath, mini tree, sleigh and a pink birdhouse with a blue bird inside.  A ginger bread house and miniature boxed Blythe also sit on the counter.   Her bed is topped with pink and white linens and pillows and her side table is topped with ginger bread cookies, a ceramic tea set, flowers in a vase and a silver framed portrait.  Finishings such as the window valence and drapes, framed wall art and a mirror and a metal and crystal chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling rafters. Ansley is a little film maker who enjoys bringing her LPS to life by creating mini movies. We are hoping this little space will offer her the perfect backdrop for her moving making.  The LPS Blythe is wearing Hasbro Sweater and shoes and Skirt by Taylor Couture

Treasures moving on.

All of these lovely treasures are moving to new homes throughout the country.  We are truly blessed to be able to be a part of so many wonderful Christmas'.  Thinking of little ones and big kids alike opening a custom from us is such an honor. Thank you for allowing us to be part of such a blessed event.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Jaxx, Beautiful Brown Middie Blythe Custom coming soon for Adoption

This tiny cutie was created and featured in the art photography book Metamorphosis Art of Blythe by CWC and Junie Moon.  She is an ethnic custom Jackie Ramone Middie Blythe.  She has been painted a warm cocoa color and features baby blue hand painted eyechips, frosted white lids and an asymmetrical bobbed haircut.  She will travel in this lovely blue knitted sweater dress by Cyrielle and tiny blue ankle strapped mary janes.  She will sure to be the Christmas blues you will want to have this Holiday season.  Jaxx will be coming this week to the shop. Jaxx is wearing a dress by Cyrielle Little Hands.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Anandi is ready to travel Today

Anandi is here and ready to travel. Her name means one who bestows pleasure in Sanskrit and it is my wish that she brings to you, pleasure, joy and well wishes.  She features special Amulet pull charms featuring the unbroken wish bone, which represents wishes, dreams and desires fulfilled.  And The Hamsa, which is a protective symbol worn for protection and good luck. She will travel in the complete outfit as pictured. If you are iterated in having Anandi, join your family, please visit her listing  in the My Delicious Bliss shop on Etsy. Anandi wears a beanie cap by Sewing Love by Tania, Vintage Barbie Jacket, LIV shoes and a vintage handkerchief dress by Blythette by 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Anadi, coming to the shop tomorrow

This lovely little one is called Anandi, her name means to bestows pleasure in Sanskrit. More coming on her as she will be listed tomorrow in my shop on Etsy.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter, Series of Season Beautiful Brown Blythe for Adoption

Like snow flakes covering the ground in a cloak of white snow, it is time for Winter to fall from the clouds. 
Inspired by white snow and freezing temperatures, an homage to the Season of Winter . The second little one featured in a Series of Seasons, Winter has a chilly disposition with a warm heart, loves to feel the snow between her toes and is ready to spread the sparkle and coolness that is Winter.

*She features 2 Hand Painted Eye Chips 1 set by G Baby and one MDB signature set
*Snow Flake Resin Pull Charms 
*Frosted lashes
*Custom OOAK Stand of Snow and Cypress trees

She has some very special extras she will be traveling in.
~A handmade Custom White Knit Kidsilk Romper by OchiWawa
~Beautiful handcrafted Crown of Treasures by My Delicious Bliss

See Winter's Listing and purchase info at My Delicious Bliss on Etsy.

Charlotte, Custom Simply Chocolate for adoption

Sweet Charlotte is a little darling from my own private collection. She is so sweet and photogenic and I have not had the time she deserves and is looking for a loving home that will photograph her. Charlotte is a Simply Chocolate FBL Takara on a Tilt Head Licca Body. She is shy with an old soul you'll be sure to adore. 

~Charlotte will travel in her complete outfit as photographed
Dress by Sewing Love by Tania, 
Kuloft Socks
Brown Licca Mary Jane Shoes

See Charlotte's Listing and purchase information at My Delicious Bliss on Etsy.
See more photos of Charlotte in her Flickr set

Roxy Baby Custom for Adoption

ROXY was created and featured in the recently released Photography Art Book, Metamorphosis Art of Blythe, published by CWC for Junie Moon. She is a beautiful sun kissed quintessential California Girl. A rare Tan Roxy Baby CWC Limited Edition Blythe Collaboration with the Roxy Brand. She features a gorgeous and lush natural blonde 13 " Suri Alpaca rerooted scalp by Patty Paris. She has 3 My Delicious Bliss Signature Hand Painted Eye Chips and Beautiful Jewelry Grade Pull Charms. ROXY will travel in a lovely little dress by Photos 4 Sue.
See her lisitng and purchase information at My Delicious Bliss on Etsy .
See more photos of Roxy in her FB set here ROXY Photos