Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Izzy Is Still Available For Adoption!

Dear Izzy is still waiting in the shop for a loving home. She is a very special One of a Kind girl, a rare Heather Sky with a highly sought after Miss Sally Rice Scalp. The contrast between her warm glowing skin and icy mint hair makes her so striking.  Her hand painted eye chips add yet another deminsion which makes this girl especially unique.    To view more details of the work done on Izzy and her traveling ensemble, please click HERE to visit her Esty Listing.  She can be reserved for only $316.00 accompanying a Payment Plan. Please contact me via the Etsy shop to discuss details of plan.

Izzy is wearing a dress by Plastic Fashion,  felted Beret by Tru Dolly Couture, socks by Sunny Bobo and shoes by Takara.

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