Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pretty Little Prin is here for a visit!

I am so happy that Prin is here visiting the Studio this week.  Sometimes Beautiful Brown Blythes need some TLC. With their delicate painted finish, being handled heavily can cause some paint damage. In Prin's case, her  Licca Body legs were not doing her so well. They had a bit of chipping, so now Prin has a new Pure Neemo body which I think does her well and is better suited for her busy lifestyle. I always want my clients to be overjoyed with their custom dolls and I want the work to reflect beauty, quality and craftsmanship. That is the reason I am always willing to repair, repaint and re-freshen my customs in need. While visiting, Prin also received a hair treatment and a bit of an extra glow.  She is now a refreshed little one and ready to go to Blythe Con if she is one of the chosen.  I am also happy when they visit because I get the opportunity to do more photo sessions!!

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