Monday, October 28, 2013

Central Park BlytheCon Pre Meet

On a beautiful afternoon at the Carousel in Central Park, NYC.
  We came together from far and wide to spend the afternoon together with Blythe. It was a great turn out and so nice to finally meet some of the wonderful people who we share this bond with in person.  It was also amazing to see the extraordinary Blythes I see day in and day out on the internet, to see them in person was a wonderful treat.  Everyone was so sweet and we enjoyed mingling and getting to hang out on such a glorious day in Central park. A truly astonishing thing was as my daughter and I walked through Central Park to the meet, we were singing "True Loves Kiss" from the movie Enchanted and as it turns out the actress from the movie who played Princess Giselle, Amy Adams was there at our Blythe Meet!!

Photo of me with Evangeline Courtesy of My Life In Plastic 
Photo of Amy Adams and friend by Fiddybobiddy 

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