Monday, October 28, 2013

BlytheCon New York 2013

Blythe Con New York 2013 was a grand success! So much eye candy, so many wonderful talented artist and great collectors.  The venue was perfect and the prizes for raffle and the gift bags were so generous. Every vendor was so talented and so much to offer. Every table was covered in so many creative and beautiful Blythes and even other unique and gorgeous dolls and toys. I must admit it was a bit overwhelming and I wish I could rewind and do it again taking more breaths and slowing down a bit. The food was yummy and the decor was perfect.  Being able to meet everyone and put a face to the flickr name was so cool. Given what it took to allow this Con to take place was a grand achievement.   I am so happy we journeyed to New York, it was sooooo worth it! Looking forward to Seattle next year!! To see more photos, please visit my FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

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