Saturday, September 28, 2013

Willa The Wallflower

Meet Willa, She is my first Custom Pullip Art Doll
She features lovely tanned son, freckles, shimmer green eyes and a soft head of tight curls.
Willa is a a bit of a wallflower, with her own quirky sense of style. She loves the Fall, nature, anime and eating popcorn with hot sauce. She is a bit of a giggler, always giggling about something! If you share any common interest with Willa, then she is the Pullip for you!

Custom Nahh-ato Fashion Doll
Sand Matted Front and Back Plates
Carved mouth, nose, nares & philtrum
Face-up with acrylics, pastels and mica powders sealed with MSC
Hand Painted Eye chips by Almond Doll
Lush lashes on lids and waterline
Her original Black scalp has been cut, conditioned and given a special perm treatment to give her a glam-fro.Body has slight pastel conturing and sealed with MSC

Willa will travel in a complete special outfit:
Meow Shirt & Leopard print skirt by La Boutique de Lupi
Leopard Print Hair Bow by KK In Lala Land
Leopard Print Socks
Brown Leather Boots
Willa is available for adoption here in the shop here My Delicious Bliss

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