Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moonrise Blythe Kingdom

Such a nice Saturday today even though my daughter and I are suffering from colds, we watched our favorite Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom which premiered on HBO today. I have been planning on creating Moonrise Kingdom Themed Characters Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop custom Blythe Dolls since the movie came out. They have been dressed for a while now but I have yet to get around to customizing them. I have some more accessories to gather up and make a tent stand for them. I hope to have them available by summer.  They will have special miniature details and treats. This is a photo of them before they are customized and I think they are darling. Sam already looks like Sam, he just needs brows. He has on a vintage scout uniform and scarf with Khaki Scout Badges, he even has a little brass belt buckle and he is topped with a handmade coonskin cap.   Suzy wears a dress by Sleep Forever and her super power binoculars and basket.  
I will create some hand painted chips for both and I am thinking of giving Suzy a 2nd faceplate which I will paint her as a Raven and create the costume as well.  They have some special handcrafted pull charms keeping in theme with clay pendents and a little brass binocular, arrow and compass charms along with name beads and pendents with hand drawn pictures and quotes all by Confetti Monster. More photos to come as I progress.

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