Friday, May 3, 2013

Kirra, Blythe Fest 2013 Donation is off to Australia

Kirra, The Litttle Aboriginal Beauty. Donation for Australian Blythe Fest 2013 on her home. She comes in a beautiful and unique Display Case Stand.  A Travel book on the outside, opens to a miniature scene of the Australian Outback with Kirra and Mirra proudly standing on a rock formation symbolizing the proud indigenous people of Australia.

Book Style Box covered with a world map, compasses and the fitting  words  "Travel The Globe".As she is making her way from California to her home in Australia.  Kangaroo Art Printed Tile in the Aboriginal Dot Tradition,  a soft pink feather symbolizing her femininity and love of nature and  blue tulle representing the hue of the surrounding oceans.

 Kirra's Booklet
 Kirra is ready for her Walkabout in the Australian Outback.
With her hand carved wooden Boomerang and Didgeridoo hand painted in the Aboriginal Dot Tradition and her pet Koala Mirri in tow. She is ready to hit the outback in style wearing a wrap shirt and skirt made out of a Bush Melon Pink Print designed by Aboriginal Artist Betty Mbitjana. The print symbolizes traditional bush foods of the aboriginal people such as seeds & fruit.  She wears a headband of Aboriginal Yalke Jewel Toned fabric with feather accents.
Inside Kirra's Box is a glimpse of her walkabout in Australian Outback.  She stands on a rock formation.
Hanging on the the box door is a wooden laser cut stained frame with artwork depicting the Australian and Aboriginal flags intertwined.

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