Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blythe New Reelase: Wendy Weekender

So I had to pre-order this purrfectly cute little one as soon as I saw her illustration. That minty hair with bangs and the colorful fun outfit with pink engineering boots!  I was even more pleased once I saw the official photos of her. I thought she would have more of a bobbed hair cut but I will cut it once I get a hold of her.  With a price point of $139.00 US I was all over it.  Here is what Junie Moon has to say about this little FBL coming in June.

Wend Weekender loves to dress in vivid colors and cute motifs. 
She loves to look unique and fun. 
The cute design of the cat eating ice cream is printed on her shirt. 
Wendy has her very own heart shaped sunglasses to match! 
Her cute hair accessories are stars. 
Her total image is fun and vivid colors.

She looks as though she's slipped out of the pages of a top "Kawaii" pop culture magazine. 

She has straight bangs with medium length hair in a loose curl. 
She has lovely, mint green hair.
She has special front facing brown eye chips. 
She has warm eyeshadow, and peachy pink lips and cheeks. 
Her face is natural tone in the Fairest mold. 
Her stand is orange.

Photos courtesy Junie Moon.
More info at Junie Moon

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Treehugger_31 said...

I just ordered her today! :)