Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2013 New Pure Neemo Flection Series Body Comparison

There was a bit of a problem a month or so ago regarding an apparent shortage and hearing of Azone discontinuing their popular Pure Neemo Flection Series bodies.  Blythe collectors and customizers where a bit frantic but in the end found out that they were in the process of improving the Flection body which had the tendency to break off at the ankle joints.  It does not appear that they changed the ankle joints but they did improve the range of motion through the shoulders and hips allowing for more flexibility and pose ability.   I have always been a fan of the Pure Neemo Body and I am happy with the improvements so far. Over time we will see how they hold up and if the ankle joints are stronger.


metal-Tiffy said...

Thanks for the comparsion.
Did you know when the new bodys will came?
Even the picco neemo is discontinued..
Im sad because i wanted to make a little pullip hybrid. .

CparfFee said...

great information ! and I thank you very much ;o) do you have any idea when it is in the shops like Mimiwoo and else ? thanks and kind regards from France !


Me said...

I got these new bodies a few weeks ago from ebay. The XS I did not even realize was the new body style when I ordered it! Once I got it I was surprised. I got them from differetn shops put putting in Azone Pure Neemo New in the search should bring up some shops that carry them.
Hugs, Kyi

Anonymous said...

Can these new bodies wear the advance option hands with the wrist articulation in them? Thanks for the comparison pics!

Pixie said...

So they're not discontinued? Thank god. Most of the places I'd normall buy from -- HLJ, Hobbysearch, etc. -- say they are discontinued. Mimiwoo has some, but I'm looking at 1700-1800 yen vs. $45-51. However, it looks like the bodies HLJ and Hobbysearch have are the old ones whereas Mimiwoo has the new ones. Is it just a price increase for the new body? I sure hope not. xD

Jenny said...

Thank you for the info, I panicked!